Market Finds: Ask Santa for One of These Cars, on Sale Now

Ask Santa for One of These Cars, on Sale Now

By Petrolicious
December 23, 2014

If you turn the TV on around the holidays you’ll notice a reoccurring theme: Santa Claus (and spouses) bestowing brand new luxury cars on good girls and boys. Which made us think, what car would we really want Santa to bring? What car would you ask for? Here are a few that we’d consider, available now.

The car: 1992 Ferrari F40

Price: $1,250,000

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

The Ferrari F40 needs little introduction. Setting the stage for the modern supercar, the F40 was constructed from Kevlar, carbon fiber, aluminum and fitted with plastic windows. The 2.9L turbocharged V8 put out 471 hp, which was more than enough. This Ferrari has been retrofitted with LM-spec upgrades that may upset the purists but would you rather have this or a pair of socks?

The car: 1967 Fiat Dino Spider

Price: $150,000

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Is it a Ferrari or a Fiat? It doesn’t matter because it’s a Dino. Named for Enzo Ferrari’s son Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari, the early Dino is a front engine 2.0L V6 paired to a manual transmission. This Dino has recently undergone a well-documented restoration.

The car: 1982 Lamborghini Countach 5000s

Price: €550,000

Location: Milano, Italy

Seller’s Info: Click here

The Lamborghini Countach isn’t practical, reliable, affordable, or easy to drive but in a world of hybrids, that’s precisely what we want. Others may not understand why the Countach is special but you don’t need to explain. This Black Metallic 5000s is available for purchase in Italy. Babbo Natale, could you pick this up on your way to my house?

The car: 1970 Plymouth Superbird

Price: $385,000

Location: Leesburg, Florida, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Available for one year, the Superbird was Plymouth’s Road Runner modified for NASCAR. The extreme nose and wing resulted in lackluster sales for the model; some dealerships even removed the aero kit in order to jumpstart sales. This 427 Hemi-powered Superbird has 24,910 miles and has undergone a rotisserie restoration.

The car: 1964 Porsche 356 C

Price: $65,000

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

If you’re a modest individual you ask for a simple Porsche. The 356 is a good choice because it strikes a balance between class and heritage. You’re not afraid to take it out of the garage and if something breaks it is easily repaired. This rust-free 356 was painted two years ago and is a driver.

If you know of a great, stylish car for sale and would like us to feature it, please let us know!

Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in any of these cars, do your homework and research extensively before you buy.

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