Journal: Aston Martin Will Have To Start Getting Selective About Which Customers Get To Own The 1000hp AM-RB 003

Aston Martin Will Have To Start Getting Selective About Which Customers Get To Own The 1000hp AM-RB 003

By News Desk
May 23, 2019

Aston Martin has been riding a wave of new model launches and special limited-edition offerings that never seem to subside. From a pair of Zagato DBZs that combine both classic and cutting-edge for a lucky few customers to arguably the most complete range of road-going models in the company’s history, one might assume that there simply wouldn’t be time left to focus on anything else. Yet the all-electric Rapide has just been announced and of course there is the 1160hp Valkyrie hybrid hypercar that will offer Formula 1-rivalling levels of performance in a road-legal package.

Slotting in below this flagship model will be the AM-RB 003, referred to as the ‘Son of Valkyrie’. This supercar is expected to produce around 1000hp from its electrically assisted twin-turbocharged V6 and will compete with the best that Ferrari and McLaren will have to offer by its 2021 release date. Aston Martin plan to cap production numbers at 500 units, yet even though deliveries are more than three years away it has announced that demand for the AM-RB 003 has already far outstripped the projected supply.

While that is a good thing from an accounting point of view, many potential customers will have to be turned away. “We now have the task of allocating to our customers from an ever-growing list,” chief executive Andy Palmer said in the first quarter financial report published by the British car manufacturer. Clearly the $1.1-million+ starting price is not a barrier to entry here and with much of the AM-RB 003’s advanced tech derived from the Valkyrie, it is unlikely to disappoint. Featuring a full carbon fiber monocoque, curb weight should be under 3000 pounds, which would aid the supercar in achieving its projected 2.5-second 0-62mph time and 220mph top speed. The future is indeed bright for Aston Martin.

Images Courtesy of Aston Martin

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1 month ago

Aston Martin is best. Paybyplatema

4 years ago

Celebrating a classic car in this way must be a very difficult job from a design point of view. How do you “modernize” an historic design? Although there are a few elements in the new car that I can see clearly come from the original –

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