Journal: Audi Made Awesome Posters For Its Biggest Fans

Audi Made Awesome Posters For Its Biggest Fans

By Michael Banovsky
December 18, 2015

For much of the world, the holidays are whipping up into a fever pitch, and it’s difficult to not become a bit, well, jaded. Thankfully, there are still people out there who are able to spread joy and cheer; this year, Audi gets added to that list after it surprised a few enthusiasts with a special gift.

Partnering with Amaury Laparra, an exceptional photographer, the process involved taking fan-submitted photographs and blending them into original posters that reflected the car’s unique personality. Inspired by fashion ads and motorsport, Laparra created the posters for those who were enthusiastic about the brand, and worked with the owners to ensure their personality was reflected in the final design.

Then? The pieces were printed, gift-wrapped, and shipped as an early holiday surprise. Audi has been posting a few to its Instagram, too. Automakers, take note: a little bit of goodwill often goes a long way…

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Amaury Laparra
Amaury Laparra
8 years ago

Thanks Micheal and the Petrolicious team for this great article, I’m more than glad that you guys liked this work!

All the best for 2016,


Gabriel Marin
Gabriel Marin
8 years ago

Great decision from Audi. Wish I had sent a couple of pics myself.

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