Gear: Autodromo Motors into Spring, with Style to Spare

Autodromo Motors into Spring, with Style to Spare

By Petrolicious Productions
March 31, 2014

With one eye on the melting snow and another on the classic in the garage we’re eagerly awaiting spring! While winter continues its slow retreat many people are already getting their rides ready and planning their first drives. So it is particularly fitting that automotive fashion house Officine Autodromo has just released their lookbook for Spring 2014. It features two all-new colors of the Prototipo Chronograph range. A silver dial with orange rally strap, and the all black Nero version as well as Autodromo’s popular Stelvio sunglasses and stringback gloves all inspired by, and intended to complement, classic vintage cars.

Shot in France by young photographer Amaury Laparra, the lookbook is designed to highlight the collection as well to suggest appropriate fashion pairings. Whether your tastes tend toward vintage rallying, top-down touring in a classic Jaguar, wringing out a GTV in the canyons, or storming the streets in a BMW, Autodromo has you covered. The company and collection are the work of industrial designer Mr. Bradley Price. If the name seems familiar it’s because we’re featured his personal ride, here, and are big fans of his work.

Speaking with him recently, Bradley told us that one of his goals is to elevate the driving experience via products that consciously worn, relate to your vehicle. “Autodromo’s design philosophy blends a contemporary, minimalist sensibility with mid-century vintage character. The resulting products are equally at home in past and present. Everything we do is designed in-house by our small, passionate team with the goal of creating a special, memorable experience for the discerning individual.” Furthermore, the mere act of putting them on when planning on a drive turns the event into a special occasion as it focuses your thoughts on the drive you’re about to take. With Spring rapidly approaching, we encourage you to browse Autodromo’s thoughtfully-designed accessories.

To check out Officine Autodromo, click here.

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Kyle Howe
Kyle Howe
10 years ago

I’m SO glad spring is here so I can start going for long drives again.

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