Journal: Batman’s Garage Is Real, And It’s Spectacular

Batman’s Garage Is Real, And It’s Spectacular

By Michael Banovsky
September 16, 2015

The world’s most spectacular garages are often so incredible because they’ve been shoehorned in where they’re least expected.

Australian Architects Molecule had a similar challenge: Melbourne homeowners who loved the look of their built-in-1928 brick mansion but wanted a total renovation, including space for a collection of cars. But it soon clicked: Bruce Wayne’s garage from The Dark Knight could be recreated, underneath the front garden.

Its entrance? A Batcave-style hydraulic “lid” that when lowered looks like part of the adjacent tennis court, and when lifted provides access for the owner’s stable of sports cars. Continuing the theme, the architecture firm simply names this project The Wayne Residence.

I spy a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé in there: let’s hope the owner calls it his “Batwing”.


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9 months ago

Please…. It’s where I service all my bikes and cars!


[…] be gleefully rubbing your palms together thinking off all the upgrades you’re going to do to your bat cave… erhm, garage. But hang on, unless you’ve got endless supplies of money and time, you’ll have […]

Zold Fulu
Zold Fulu(@zold_fulu)
2 years ago

This reminds me to the Louwman Museum, not just the colours, but also the underground parking (apart from the hidden entrance 🙂 )

4 years ago

On a different note, where can I get my hands on some of those awesome posters seen in the garage? Any chance we might see some of those on the Petrolicious shop?

Edward Levin
Edward Levin(@edl)
5 years ago

Sorry, but the 1960s called, and they want their bank back…

6 years ago

I certainly see the appeal, although I agree it wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice were I able to design my own dream garage.

What I don’t see the appeal though is in having 3 modern performance cars in boring colours all of which are somewhat similar and, SLS excepted, not special, just expensive. Maybe they’re just “models” for the pics?

6 years ago

I know it takes all kinds, and different strokes for different folks, and yeah, there’s that every 6-old’s fantasy about the garage, the collection of the cars is not very good, is it.

Ian Miles
Ian Miles(@smilo998)
6 years ago

Cannot fault the ambition and the way it is combined with the tennis court. The house not so much. Not that it matters but I pefer to see collections like John Surtees or Nich Mason who also work on their cars and they are in garages that look so much more authentic. Though of course not eveyone is handy with spanners.

Chris J bu11ish
Chris J bu11ish(@bu11ish)
6 years ago
Reply to  Ian Miles

Somewhat contrived a lot of these “working garages”; the day I start mounting a Shell sign in my garage is the day I should realise I’m missing the point.

Jacob Abikzer
Jacob Abikzer(@jacobabikzer)
6 years ago

You need the real garage next door – the workshop

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
6 years ago

I dunno.

I grew up around cars in working garages, not museums. Garages with tools, equipment, machinery, natural light, and a place where I can hang out while tinkering.

I see many cars as art, just like the next person. But I just can’t ever jump up and down about designer garages. Just my personal preference, and maybe it’s because I didn’t read comic books, don’t watch TV, and don’t live in fantasy land (at least I think I don’t).

My eyes see a lot of empty space and it reminds me of a morgue. That’s just me; who am I to judge? If the owners and the architect are happy, then that’s all that matters. Makes for a clean photograph…

Maybe I’m just used to having too much “junk”.

Tennis anyone?

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
6 years ago

Regardless, it looks like quite an undertaking, and they pulled it off in style. So hat’s off there. Just not my cup of tea, that’s all.

Randy Forbes
Randy Forbes
4 years ago

Yes, you’ve succinctly made a statement that suits us both! When building a house in SW Fla several years ago, I had a “clean” attached garage and a “dirty” detached shop built (HOA stipulations were that the same style architecture be used on both__they had to match). They are 1000SF and 1050SF respectively, and I’ve managed to pack six (6) sportscars into the attached garage__with the help of a single 2-post lift__but I think because of machine tools, parts, tools and equipment, the most I’ve jammed into the shop is four (4) cars, also with a 2-post lift. In both cases, that left virtually no room to move about between the cars, certainly not enough to work on them!

I too am all about having a working garage, and most of the time, there’s only a single M Coupe of M Rdstr at a time in the shop.

Mike Pound
Mike Pound(@mikepound)
6 years ago

I want one of these – the garage, not the mansion!