Journal: The Volkswagen Beetle Visualized

The Volkswagen Beetle Visualized

By Petrolicious Productions
March 18, 2013

In conjunction with our video today and to share more information about the Volkswagen Beetle, we have created a Petrolicious infographic chock full of all kinds of interesting tidbits about the car. For instance, did you know that one can (but probably shouldn’t) change a fan belt on a Beetle in under five seconds…while it’s running?

Fact Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89

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2 years ago

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8 years ago

I would LOVE to get this as a mountable piece of art! Any ideas?

Jeffrey Hicken
Jeffrey Hicken(@jhicken)
8 years ago

Stunning piece of design, have you considered printing and selling these bad boys? I’d pony up $25 for one to adorn my garage.

Were you going to fix the $20 thing? Currently it appears that he was paid $20 to design the motor! It guess it should read “Franz Reimspiess, who perfected the design of the original Beetle engine, also designed the Volkswagen logo in which he was only paid $20 for his effort.” Or something like that.

Jeffrey Hicken
Jeffrey Hicken(@jhicken)
8 years ago
Reply to  Jeffrey Hicken

I see the confusion, I just read your link but I really don’t believe it’s that accurate. I’m not sure he only made $20 for his design, he was a staff designer. What is interesting is that he was awarded only 100 Reichmarks for his VW logo design in a contest.

8 years ago

I guess you meant “[i]The man who designed the original beetle [b]LOGO[/b] was paid $20[/i]”, not the one who designed engine… Since this one was Ferdinand Porsche himself! 😉

8 years ago
Reply to  ShamWerks

Although Franz Reimspiess [i]did[/i] design the Volkswagen logo, he was the one to perfect the air-cooled opposed four-cylinder engine for the beetle, not Ferdinand Porsche. See [url=””]here[/url], [url=””]here[/url], and [url=””]here[/url]. The wording was a little confusing on the infographic, though, so we’ve updated it a bit. Thanks for the comment!