Featured: Behind The Scenes On Our Lancia Delta Integrale Film Shoot

Behind The Scenes On Our Lancia Delta Integrale Film Shoot

By Petrolicious Productions
January 31, 2017

Each week with every film we produce we’re going to aim to give you a bit of a gallery from behind the scenes. This week we take a ride in Martin Middleton’s Lancia Delta Integrale. Mr. Middleton is the founder and acting manager of Middleton Motor Services—an Ullenhall based full service garage established 30 years ago.

“Well, I’ll tell ya’ what. It’s 50 years on the 11th when I started my Austin apprenticeship and I was into motor racing straight away a couple years later.”

Middleton has shared quite the romantic racing history with some of the all-time great drivers and motorsport mechanics. In an emotional tone, Middleton reads off a personal letter from Fangio, thanking him for his help in the inaugural opening of the Fangio Museum.

With a seemingly endless archive of Haynes repair manuals within reach, a collection of still frame memories with the likes of Sterling Moss and Fangio, and a gentleman’s humble charm, it’s clear Middleton is far more than a fan of racing—its been his entire professional life. “It’s total passion,” Middleton describing his lifelong mechanical career, “It’s something that you feel for.”

Middleton’s understated white Delta doesn’t wear the commonly tacked on rear spoiler or Martini graphics. “The Lancia Integrale is a beautiful tool because it’s very unassuming. It hasn’t got a huge amount of horsepower, it’s got four-wheel-drive, which in these type of cars is very reassuring.”

Instead, it’s clean and orderly, maintained with the upmost precision. Maintained in the only mentality this veteran serviceman knows how to, “Everybody can make something look good, but it’s what’s underneath the paint that counts.”

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Ossie Gray
Ossie Gray
7 years ago

Thank you, what a delight to watch this piece. To hear from a man with such a varied and interesting history in terms of his career and passion is a rarity nowadays, specially from one with such humility and composure after a vast array of different life experiences. I am on my second Lancia Delta Integrale and so much of what he talked about, in terms of the understated nature combined with the extraordinary ability of the car, really encapsulates what the soul of these cars is all about. Am looking forward to meeting him soon.
PS My daughter posing in the picture.

Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson
7 years ago

Very well done, nicely spoken words and sweet pictures. I really liked his appreciation of the mechanic’s view. I think all the really great drivers appreciate and understand the dedication of their mechanics . His statement about the drivers all having one particular mechanic as their favorite rings true , at least to me.

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