News: Bentley Unveils A Limited-Edition Book—Weighing In At 66lbs!—Telling The Marque's 100-Year Story

Bentley Unveils A Limited-Edition Book—Weighing In At 66lbs!—Telling The Marque’s 100-Year Story

By News Desk
May 17, 2019

Bentley has revealed the latest way in which it is marking its centenary this year, a limited-edition book telling the 100-year story of the inimitable luxury marque. And it’s no ordinary book, as it weighs in at some 66lbs (30kg) which makes it, Bentley reckons, the heaviest book ever produced to tell the story of an automotive brand. Plus when opened it’s almost a meter in length!

Over nine chapters and 800 pages the book charts the extraordinary cars, people and achievements that made Bentley the brand it is. The book also has exclusive access to the designers, engineers and other visionaries to explore how they will shape Bentley’s future into the next 100 years of development and innovation. Bentley’s teamed up with specialist luxury book publisher Opus to create this tome, and it makes stopping points at, among other things, Bentley’s famous 1920s Le Mans 24 Hour race dominance, its iconic past models, new generation of Grand Tourers and limited-edition models. There’s never-seen-before imagery, rare historic content, photography exclusive to the book and special gatefold pages measuring two meters across, all bringing the special story to life.

The final chapter is titled “The Future” and is written by Bentley’s chairman and CEO Adrian Hallmark. “Part of what defines luxury is responding to people’s needs for achievement, self-expression and reward, in whatever field they operate,” Hallmark said. “Bentley’s customers of the future will value elements such as tradition, heritage and craftsmanship and innovation. But above all, I believe they will continue to enjoy the thrill of driving.”

The book comes in three versions, all confined to a highly exclusive worldwide print run. There will be 100 copies of the Mulliner, 500 copies of the Centenary and just seven for the 100 Carat. All will feature of the front cover a hand-crafted Bentley Wings badge, the same as those used on every Centenary model. Owners also will be able to choose the color of the book’s leather hide–and the hide also is from the same source as used in Bentley models.

The Mulliner edition includes giant 20in x 24in Polaroid portraits to showcase 10 landmark Bentleys–the first time the world’s largest polaroid camera has been used to photograph automobiles—a collection of 56 Bentley model watercolors commissioned exclusively for the book, as well as a section of competition Michelin rubber crafted from a front-left race-used tire from the Bentley Speed 8 that won 2003’s Le Mans. The edition also has a bespoke option, where owners can have their own photos, of their own cars and memories, included on special pages within the book edition they receive. The 100 Carat edition meanwhile comes adorned with 100 carats of diamonds, while its limited run of seven copies reflects one for each continent. The 100 Carat edition’s Wings badge is set in a choice of white gold or platinum.

As is fitting for items of this rarity and collectible value, these books don’t come cheap. The Mulliner edition is £12,500 per copy, the Centenary edition is £3000 each, while a 100 Carat edition will set you back some £200,000.

Images courtesy of Bentley

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