News: Bicester Heritage Gets Bigger – Which Means More For Us To See

Bicester Heritage Gets Bigger – Which Means More For Us To See

By News Desk
December 19, 2018

Have you been to Bicester Heritage yet? You’ll probably know that it’s a classic car business hub in essence but to a visitor it seems more like an automotive theme park, where the attractions are restoration shops, storage facilities, specialists and historic vehicle dealers–40 businesses, all based in the historic buildings of the former RAF bomber base. Thing is, all those buildings are now occupied, so what next? Here’s the answer–planning permission has just been granted for 70,000 square feet of brand new buildings to create the ‘New Technical Site’.

Each new unit has been designed to look right in the historic setting, with similar materials to those used as those of the existing Technical Site that the new development will be located next to. They will allow a further ten new businesses to move in to Bicester Heritage–which means more specialists for us to visit and more to see at events such as the Sunday Scrambles and the Flywheel show.

The news of the New Technical Site follows the recent approval for a 344-bedroom hotel, conference and leisure centre at Bicester Heritage, which is expected to bring in 250,000 visitors a year and to create an estimated 180 full time jobs. It will be in the top 15 largest hotels outside of London, and provide a great base for rally starts, classic events and more. Petrolicious approves.

Images courtesy of Bicester Heritage

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bella Rosa
bella Rosa
4 months ago

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4 years ago

I have been to Bicester Heritage many a time now, enjoying the various events held there. I do wonder however that with this planned future development that it may ruin the charm of the place. I worry also that it may become more “up its self” taking away the reason we love it all so, its simplicity and humbleness to the UK classic / vintage community.

Jack B
Jack B
4 years ago
Reply to  DavidS

Exactly my sentiments.