Journal: Bill Neale's Paintings Captures Action and Striking Skies

Bill Neale’s Paintings Captures Action and Striking Skies

By Petrolicious Productions
December 11, 2013

Bill Neale is an award-winning automotive artist from Dallas, Texas, whose work is owned by racing art collectors, drivers, and museums around the world. Also, he’s a founding member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society (AFAS), and his work has been featured in Cavallino, Road & Track, Automobile Magazine, Car & Driver, and Sports Illustrated. He’s created posters for many car events like the Monterey Historic Races, The San Diego Concours, Houston Classi-Chassi, Jim Hall Chaparral Museum, and Carroll Shelby Nationals, as well as being a poster artist for the Colorado Grand Rally.

He frequently uses earth tones in his work as well as much use of motion, as you can see with the vibrating back wheels and specks of dirt and water flicking up behind the cars. His sky backgrounds are often very full, heavy, and impressive with adds to the drama, weight, and movement of each of his pieces.

Click here to visit Bill’s website.

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Chris Sengxaylaor
Chris Sengxaylaor
7 years ago

I have his Original 1984 Dallas Grand Prix Formula One painting that was held here in Dallas. I am actually looking to part ways with this one of akind painting due to finacial hardship. It was originally purchased to be a longtime invesement 30+years and now needing to find a collector that will not only value the painting but also value its overall created image of taste. Please if anyone would be interested to purchase it, email me at or call 469-601-7630.
Im located in North Dallas
Thanks – Chris Seng.

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle
10 years ago

😀 wish i could have talent like this artist!! Not only is it drawn and painted well it really shows the sense of emotion and tension when you watch cars race around a track;) Ill take the two grandsport corvettes please!!

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