Journal: BMW Is Reviving Its BMW Films Series, Clearly There Is A God

BMW Is Reviving Its BMW Films Series, Clearly There Is A God

By Michael Banovsky
September 20, 2016

You may not believe this, but it’s been 15 years since BMW first released its lovely series of “The Hire” films starring Clive Owen. They’re still so watchable and entertaining today that, well, only the late-model BMWs are a tip-off that the short films aren’t current…until The Escape premiers, that is.

Clive Owen is back, alongside Director Neill Blomkamp, and this time, the supporting cast will include Vera Farmiga, Jon Bernthal, and Dakota Fanning—assisted by some of the original production staff and writers.

For The Escape, not much is known about its plot or specifically which BMW Clive Owen will use in his role portraying The Driver—we’ve embedded the originals below in case you need to take the afternoon off sick refresh your memory, it’s been 15 years, after all.

The Escape will premiere on Sunday, October 23, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. EST at

H/T to BMW

BMW Films: The Escape

BMW Films: Star

BMW Films: Beat The Devil

BMW Films: Ambush

BMW Films: Ticker

BMW Films: Powder Keg

BMW Films: Hostage

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7 years ago

YEESSSS! These were so awesome and I do not even like BMW’s.

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