News: Is This The Future Of Motorcycling? It Is According To BMW At The Frankfurt Show

Is This The Future Of Motorcycling? It Is According To BMW At The Frankfurt Show

By News Desk
September 12, 2019

BMW has been focusing on bringing electric and hybrid vehicles to market for longer than most of its traditional rivals but the future is changing quickly and the i3 and i8 no longer have that segment all to themselves.

The same thing is sure to happen in the motorcycle arena and BMW arrived at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show with what it believes that future will look like. Taking pride of place at the Motorrad stand was the recently revealed DC Roadster, a fully-electric concept bike that supposedly melds the traditional and the futuristic into one package—though there’s not that much that’s traditional about it.

No new details about its drivetrain or performance potential have been revealed but just looking at it shows that BMW has got the visual aspect just right. If only the same could be said for the hideous Concept 4 sports coupe, which also made its debut at the show.

Back on the bike stand and more down-to-earth was the production-ready BMW C Evolution electric scooter. With a range of 99 miles and outputs of 47hp and 53lb-ft of torque, it won’t be breaking any distance or speed records but it does look like good for city centers. Or race paddocks.

The C Evolution isn’t totally devoid of technical innovations though and features an adjustable rear suspension, ABS, reverse assist and a kickstand with a parking brake actuator. The internal combustion engine is not dead just yet either and the BMW R nineT heritage bike was also on display, finished in stunning metallic red and blue paintwork.

It features BMW’s trademark flat-twin engine, which produces 108hp and 86lb-ft of torque in this application, offering more than enough performance for real-world roads.This two-wheeled-trio is an interesting cross-section of BMW’s current and future line-up. Now if only the Motorrad designers could have a word with their counterparts in the four-wheeled division about those increasingly bizarre grilles.

Images courtesy of BMW Motorrad

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4 years ago

The photo of the e-bike blasting through the mountains seems to show a terrible rider position, with footpegs too far back and too high up, and a seat that’s too high as well, making not only a cramped leg position but also placing the rider too high, which cannot be good for the bike’s handling characteristics…?

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