Journal: Boo! Guess Who?

Boo! Guess Who?

By Petrolicious Productions
October 30, 2012

Something’s been haunting Petrolicious Headquarters over the past few weeks, and last night we finally caught the ghost in the act.

Does anyone know what it is?

Post your guess in the comments section today and check back tomorrow, when the Petrolicious ghost’s identity will be revealed.

Happy Halloween from Petrolicious!

(POST-EDIT: We couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Check out the photo below to see this eighties beauty. Some of you were right on! Thanks to all those who participated in our Halloween fun.) 

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11 years ago

I believe that’s an ’85 or ’86 Mr2. I’d need to look at some pictures to be sure, but the marker lights and signals look right for an early MR2.

11 years ago

Looks like a USDM FC RX-7.

11 years ago

It’s not a Delorean with pop-ups lights!
From the profile I was thinking Porsche 914, but the indicators (turn signals, sorry, I’m british!) are in the wrong place. Also tempted to say MK1 MR2 but I’m not convinced that’s right either!

A Pearson
A Pearson
11 years ago

I will guess a Mitsubishi Starion / Conquest but I cannot decide what is making that bulge at the top. Chances are unless that bulge is some kind of aftermarket antenna I am wrong. I own two Starions so I’m quite familiar with them.

11 years ago

Based on the front three-quarter shot, I’m going for a delorean 🙂

11 years ago

The side lights make it something post-1970. Pop-up lamps and an antenna on the left side make me think of a 924 or early 944, but the rear isn’t really matching. I’m not sure.

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