Featured: Book Review: R GRUPPE

Book Review: R GRUPPE

By Benjamin Shahrabani
June 26, 2020

Co-founded almost 20 years ago by Cris Huergas and renown automobile designer Freeman Thomas, the R Gruppe – strictly limited at any given time to a mere 300 members – is a car club dedicated to “hot rodding” early 911s, transforming them in much the same vein as Porsche did in the late 1960s when the company created the fabled 911R, the father of all motorsport derivatives. There aren’t hard and fast rules of what makes an “R Gruppe” car, but the basic criteria that must be met is that the Porsche in question must be a 1964-1973 911. Then, It’s up to the individual owner to modify and build something that adds an extra sporting flavor to their car and illustrate they have the proper enthusiasm, attitude and obsession to become judged worthy of membership into the R Gruppe with the late Cris Huergas once adding that the “R Gruppe isn’t just a club, it’s a brotherhood.”

Documented over an 18-month period by renowned motorsport photographer Frank Kayser with vibrant imagery, the R-Book showcases these special, personalized Porsche cars and their uncommon owners whose membership in the R Gruppe is more than just a loose affiliation but in many cases a way of life. Comprising of 580 pages, there are scant words used with the bulk of those lingering on bios of the often very individualistic car owners. Instead, The R-Book leaves the collection of 824 achingly beautiful and evocative photographs rendered in both color and black & white of cars, member’s private garages, and breathtaking Californian landscapes to do its “speaking.”

Available in both a standard print as well as a slipcovered special edition limited to only 700 copies, the very engaging R-Book gives insight into a very exclusive club and might just be the next best thing to being there. What’s evident and for certain is no car – or owner – in this club is the same. Recommended, and almost certain to inspire feelings of modifying your own Porsche, get a copy of the engaging R-Book before they’re gone.

More information on R GRUPPE available at The Shop

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