Reader Submissions: Born Free In a Land Rover

Born Free In a Land Rover

By Petrolicious Productions
September 2, 2014

Story by Karl Bhote, photography by Makarand Baokar

Now here is a curious case–the subject of this feature forms part of a rather enviable collection in Bombay. This includes numerous Mercedes, an imposing early Packard and even a pre-war Rolls and Bentley. Rubbing shoulders with these exotic classics, many with royal pedigree, are a fleet of humble, utilitarian Land Rovers. The owner, Mr. Viveck Goenka, being a true petrol head lavishes equal love on his ‘accessible’ classics, and the stunning restoration job on this trademark green 1957 Series I SWB speaks for itself. Acquired in rough condition, this Series I went through a complete ground-up restoration. Many parts were fabricated in house–including the complete doors, bumper, and petrol tank–and the end result is superb.

We had a blast driving around the outskirts of Bombay shooting the workhorse–putting her through her paces just as she was meant to be. The alacrity with which the Land Rover performs sixty-five years after conception still amazes us, the stiff ride clearly set up for rural roads, or the lack of them. Great ground clearance coupled with this short wheel base chassis makes small work of the off road trail we chose, and we ventured off the beaten track for good shots, while secretly picturing Elsa the lion perched atop the Land Rover in the 1966 cult classic Born Free. While today one treats this Land Rover as a collectable car, we can’t help but imagine exactly how faithful a workhorse this car was at the time. So good infact, that you can still buy one. Just. By the end of next year, after sixty-seven years in production, Land Rover will produce its last Defender closing an extraordinary chapter in automotive history.

If you’d like to see more on Land Rovers check out our new video, here

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TJ Martin
TJ Martin
9 years ago

Its more than a bit ironic that this sweet little classic LR Defender is being featured driving in India just at the point when Range/Land Rover’s Indian minders [ TATA ] are about to bring the body on frame Defender era to a close . Replacing it with a Unibody soft roader for the Chelsea Tractor/Soccer mom crowd .

Ugh ! First the news that FIAT’s doing the same with the JEEP Wrangler …. and now the Defender’s about to meet its demise . Next thing you know Mercedes will announce replacing the G-Wagon with yet another soft roader . Sad really ..To close with a paraphrase of the great American bard … Bob Dylan ;

” There must be some way out of here … said the Land Rover to the JEEP ”

If only ….

Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey
9 years ago

Now that is a proper car, errr truck errr, you know what I mean!

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