News: Bugatti And Hérmes Team Up For One-Off Customer Chiron

Bugatti And Hérmes Team Up For One-Off Customer Chiron

By News Desk
January 2, 2020

As if the Bugatti Chiron isn’t exclusive enough, what you’re looking at here is a one-of-one Hérmes Edition Chiron, built by the French automaker exclusively for a very discerning – and need we say, wealthy – car collector.

Manny Khoshbin, a multi-millionaire real estate mogul in California, started collaborating with Bugatti and the French design house back in 2016 on the car. It’s taken so long to develop because of Khoshbin’s discriminating tastes; Bugatti went through a few different colors before he finally settled on Hérmes Craie (chalk white to normal folk).

But it’s not just the paint job that’s special. Besides the usual supple leather in the interior, it’s also covered in cashmere and wool sporting Hérmes’s own rearing horse pattern, which also subtly covers the bottom of the air brake at the back of the car. The grille up front is also made up of an ‘H’ pattern, and there are special badges all around the car.

There are plenty more horses under the rear engine cover, too: 1,500 of them coming from the 8.0-litre W16 that powers the Chiron.

*Images courtesy of Bugatti

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