News: Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Hits The Nürburgring

Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Hits The Nürburgring

James Gent By James Gent
July 1, 2020

The “most uncompromising yet agile Bugatti of recent times”, the Chiron Pur Sport, is now into the final stage of dynamic testing ahead of the start of production later this year. And what better place to hone the suspension and steering setup as part of the vehicle’s final “stress test” than the Nürburgring?

With 73 corners (33 left handers, 40 right), a 300m difference in altitude, and a distance covering 20.832km through the Eifel forest, the ‘Green Hell’ is pretty much the go-to for dynamic development of supercars these days. Interestingly though, it’s not just on-track that the Chiron is being put through its paces in the Rhineland-Palatinate district…

“It’s extremely important to us for the Chiron Pur Sport customer to instantly sense the much more radical approach we’re taking with this car in terms of driving dynamics,” explains Head of Development Stefan Ellrott. “With its unusual topography, numerous bends and the high-speed section from Döttinger Höhe onwards, the Nordschleife is very demanding for both driver and vehicle so it’s ideal for our new car, which is streamlined for agility and speed. This is why we’re running the final tests for fine-tuning the suspension and safety systems here in the Eifel.

“In addition to driving on the track, we also go out on the motorways and public roads around the Nürburgring, since there are lots of roads with curves and hills here. We are really satisfied with the results of our work.”

This is the second time Bugatti has reported on track tests of the Chiron Pur Sport. Back in May, test driver Head of Chassis Development Jachin Schwalbe took Bugatti’s new brute for a run at Bilster Berg in Germany.

If you’re interested, there is also on-board footage of the Chiron’s hot lap HERE, with Schwalbe once again at the helm. In the passenger’s seat is Misa Charoudin, one of Rimac Automobili’s marketing execs who is also, interestingly, an experienced member of Apex Nurburg, the circuit’s hot lap ‘taxi’ program.

Just 60 examples of the Chiron Pur Sport will be produced, each of which features an 8-litre quad-turbocharged W16 capable of producing a spine-jangling 1,500hp and 1,600Nm (1,180lb ft) of torque. It’s also going to cost the best part of €3 million (around $3.4 million USD). Don’t worry though. If you can’t rustle up that kind of money, there’s a miniature version of the W16 you can wear on your wrist. For…er, just over a quarter million dollars USD.

*Images courtesy of Bugatti

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This car can hit 490 km/hr which is insane.
Watch speed text video on live lounge app:

Bhavy Parikh
Bhavy Parikh

Looks great!!