Featured: Car Classic Shines Spotlight on Vintage and Movie Cars

Car Classic Shines Spotlight on Vintage and Movie Cars

By Yoav Gilad
October 27, 2014

Photography by Yoav Gilad

Now in its fourteenth year, Art Center College of Design’s Car Classic has become a fixture of the concours circuit. It is however different from most other cars due to its heavy focus on design and southern California car culture.

This year’s show was a bit of a departure from the past as it featured cars from “Street to Screen” so there was a heavy emphasis on cars from the movies. The Petersen Auto Museum brought out a few former Steve McQueen cars, including his Meyers Manx, Hudson Wasp, a Cooper T-52 Formula Junior, as well as a Porsche 917 Kurzheck (similar to the one used in Le Mans). The Val Kilmer and George Clooney Batmobiles (as well as the original TV Batmobile, built by legendary customizer George Barris) were in attendance too.

But it wasn’t just about movie-star cars. And we’d argue that the non-movie cars were equally noteworthy. Of particular note are the Porsche 904 and 906 parked under a couple of shady trees. Baking in the sun sat a Talbot-Lago T26, a McLaren P1 as well as a couple Ghia-bodied Chryslers and Rita Hayworth’s Ghia-Cadillac. A turbine-powered Chrysler showed up too, driven by one Jay Leno.

Have a look and start planning for next year. For those of you who attended, we had a great time meeting you!

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Andreas Lavesson
Andreas Lavesson

Certainly an interesting blend of cars. Even though it’s one of the most widely used clichés and I’m hesitant to use it myself, the Porsche 904 truly is sex on wheels in my book.

Jeff Lannigan
Jeff Lannigan

Great stuff – I love the variety.

John E Adams

Yoav, amazing work on the images!!!!!

Mads Gravers Nielsen
Mads Gravers Nielsen

Shinya Kimura…true artisan!

TJ Martin
TJ Martin

This is the one ‘ concours ‘ event .. though I’m not convinced the term ‘ concours ‘ should apply here … that has my undivided attention as well as absolute fascination . Any event that features a grand dame classic such as the Talbot alongside the work of Shinya Kimura … is top notch in my book ! So yeah … I might be convinced to make the trip out Peoples Republic of California way [ said in jest ] next year for this one

Nick DePaolo
Nick DePaolo

Thanks again for the heads up on this event!

Was amazing to see the design workspaces in the school and a junior zagato I snapped a few pics of below : )








Ali G
Ali G

Hey Nick!
Hows that GTV6 treating you?