Gear: Car Inspiration: Fiat X1/9

Car Inspiration: Fiat X1/9

By Petrolicious Productions
September 16, 2013

The Fiat X1/9, designed by Bertone, is one of the most enduring, mid-engine production sports cars. Sixteen years after it was first produced, it was still being made with very few major changes. These cars handle amazingly well and are very fun to drive, despite lacking a lot of power.

Taking an X1/9 for a drive in and around some hills would be a perfect place to test and enjoy this car’s handling, perhaps as a detour on your way to a business meeting or overnight trip. Inspired by the car, below are some items that you could take with you.

1. Salt Adler (52) Sunglasses: polarized; available in additional colors

2. Poltrona Frau business card holder: available in additional colors

3. Piquadro Sartoria IT2 weekend bag: handmade by Tuscan craftsmen with Italian leather

Photos by Petrolicious for “Bertone X1/9: Fit for a King”


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Life going good so far as of now to be frank


Thora thora, samjha bhi magar dill ye mane kaha.

RS Anthony
RS Anthony

A couple years ago I considered purchasing one. Or a Matra Murena. Another unsung mid-engined curiosity from the eighties.

Daniel Dragas
Daniel Dragas

First car I owned was a 78′ X1/9 that I bought when I was 12 years old (yeah, we were car people) Loved it for 10 years til I sold it to go to school. I’ve owned a couple over the years and after discovering this website a month or two ago I’ve been on the hunt for another clean example, maybe in time for my 29th birthday next year. And when I get it, I’ll be sure to send in some pictures!

Love the website guys, Keep up the good work.


No need to convince me.

Best accidental purchase I’ve made.

Fiat X1/9

Ray Houghton
Ray Houghton

I love the X1/9. I owned one a few years back. I live at the end of a remote windy road in Northern California, and this car can carry speed through the turns like this. I remember one time after doing some maintenance on the car I thought I’d go for a test drive up highway 1. I was having so much fun I ended up 100 miles up the coast before I knew it. I’d love to get another one of these cars. The Dallara X1/9 is in the top ten for my fantasy garage.