Journal: Cars & Coffee: Trancas Country Market, 9.7.2016

Cars & Coffee: Trancas Country Market, 9.7.2016

By Ted Gushue
August 8, 2016

Photography by Ted Gushue

All across the world, we petrolheads set our alarms for ungodly hours on Sunday mornings before driving occasionally long distances, before arriving at empty parking lots to stand around and gawk at each other’s incredible garage escapees.

This last Sunday, I stopped by the Trancas Country Market up PCH in Malibu, and it was easily one of the better I’ve ever been to. I’m going to try and keep this series going every weekend, so keep an eye out for more. As you see other notable Cars & Coffees in your area, drop us a line. Who knows, we just might show up.

Have a question about any of the cars pictured? We likely had a chat with most of these cars owners. Just jump in the comments and we’ll get back to you…

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George Hawley
George Hawley(@gphawley)
4 years ago

At what time on Sunday does this start? What time should one arrive and where should a spectator park (not bringing a car to show)?

5 years ago

Is this a different C&C than the one at Bluff Park (?) by the ocean (which according to its website is on hiatus until March)? If so, when does this one meet?

5 years ago

Ted, great photos. Thank you for posting the.
I have an idea as to the type of lense you’re using, but would you mind sharing what type of photographic equipment you use to capture these images?

Donnie Callaway
Donnie Callaway(@thedune73)
5 years ago

I see an awesome white 308 in the background. Now that’s a car !!!!

Rick Stifel
Rick Stifel(@unclepugh)
5 years ago

C & C’s around Wash DC are on Saturdays !!! Is Sunday the norm on the “Wrong” coast?

5 years ago

Awesome selection of cars. Then again, it’s Malibu. I suppose it’s safe to assume that the value of vehicles at one of these events will likely reflect local real estate values.

Kevin Lynch
Kevin Lynch(@kevin-lynch)
5 years ago

Wonderful shots!

This has been on my list for some time, and this just pushed it over the edge, dawn patrol here we come.

I also like the C&C at the Enderle Center on Saturdats in Tustin, California

Scott Hidinger
Scott Hidinger(@shidinger)
5 years ago

It was one of the better parking lot d’elegances. Super eclectic and loaded with some really special cars. Thanks to Ted for grabbing a shot of my M Coupe. Not worthy, but nice to see it in a gallery next to a Bizzarini.

5 years ago

That’s a more diverse and far prettier selection of classics at a cars and coffee than are at the ones near my neck of the woods.

Thanks for sharing, Ted!

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
5 years ago

I suspect it was slightly warmer than the Goodwood Breakfast Club I got up for yesterday morning, although you look to have equally grey skies for once. Looks like a very eclectic selection of cars there, interested to hear more about the Facel Vega Excellence?