Featured: The Silverstone Classic Was An Awesome Display Of Motor Racing Muscle

The Silverstone Classic Was An Awesome Display Of Motor Racing Muscle

By Jayson Fong
August 4, 2017

Photography by Jayson Fong

Held in the primetime of the historic racing season, the Silverstone Classic always makes for one of the most exciting events of the calendar. Together with non-stop track action that takes place from morning until evening, the Classic delivers on bringing together one of the largest collections of historic racing cars anywhere in the world. And last weekend’s 2017 edition of the event brought the goods—with over 1,000 entries across 22 races, there were more than enough classic cars to keep the fans thoroughly entertained.

Among the highlights, the FIA Masters Historic F1 series once again brought together one of the loudest automotive orchestras in the world, with over 30 Cosworth DFV-powered Formula One cars battling for championship points across two closely fought races. On the other end of the speed spectrum, the celebrity Austin A30/A35 race provided some spectacular bumper to bumper and upside down moments as drivers pushed what power they had to the limits.

In similar fashion, the Under 2-Litre Touring Car lineup danced around the circuit with Mini Coopers frequently cornering on three wheels, and Cortinas spending more time sideways than straight. As heavy rain arrived on Saturday evening, the pre-’66 GT cars came out sliding in dramatic fashion as their drivers toed the fine line between power and grip.

Moving into more recent times, the touring cars’ grid was broken into two groups, resulting in a spectacle that saw constant overtaking and last minute corner dive-bombing. Among the colorful grid, a very special JPS-liveried BMW 635CSi that has never been seen outside of Australasia made its European debut. Check back soon, as we’ll be featuring that car more in depth next week.

Alongside the racing, the Classic also hosted a number of celebrations headlined by the 25th anniversary of the Jaguar XJ220 and what seemed like a constant stream of them on the circuit. Led out by the three cars that contested the 1993 24 Hours of Le Mans, it was an incredibly rare opportunity to see so many together, and a treat to see the different forms and evolutions in the same place. Visitors were also taken on a nostalgic trip back in time to celebrate 40 years of the Williams F1 team as the symphony of a high-revving V10 from the championship-winning Williams FW14B once again echoed around the circuit.

With such diversity present throughout the weekend, the Silverstone Classic really is a one stop shop for anybody looking to get a year’s worth of viewing done in one weekend. But like any large collection, perhaps the only problem is that seeing absolutely everything becomes more difficult, which is why I’ll definitely be there again for another full weekend in a year’s time.

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4 years ago

Good to hear that this is an annual event. I will have to plan my trip to include it.
But that said how or where does one look to find the races held each year? As far as I can tell each site is of its own and there is no single place to look at a “calendar”.

4 years ago

Jayson, you lucky dawg!
I think I hate you now but because of the wonderful pictures (yet again!) I’m over it already.

Paul Steel
Paul Steel(@steely)
4 years ago

It’s a good event for car enthusiasts, whereas Goodwood has become an event more for those who want to dress up and mingle, half the visitors don’t even see the circuit.
Silverstone is a good drivers circuit, but it’s not the best for spectators, I still prefer Donington Historic for a good mix of cars & racing, in a smaller more open access and friendly paddock.

Sifu Alex
Sifu Alex(@sifu-alex)
4 years ago

As spectacular as this was, the Silverstone Classic offers no live streaming or any televised viewing of any kind that I know of, especially if you don’t live in the UK. Goodwood however live streams all there events on YouTube. I’ve seen the Goodwood Members Meeting, FOS and Revival and I’m looking forward to this years Revival. Thank you Goodwood for giving an opportunity to fans who can’t be there in person. That shows a real devotion to share the sport. (Silverstone take note).

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss(@itsnicolas)
4 years ago

Thanks for another round of great pictures Jayson! Hopefully someday you’ll get to make it to Monterey…

4 years ago

Well … it aint racing … historic racing never is … but it sure looks like one helluva good show . But all pedantic thought and definitions aside … what places a damper ( pun intended ) on the event as well as the article is the financial woes Silverstone is currently facing that may lead to relegating this iconic track to the annals of history

But err .. Jayson .. though its doubtful … any relation to my ole pal Ben Fong Torres ?

4 years ago
Reply to  GuitarSlinger