Gear: Choose Your Espresso's Strength: V8, V10 or V12?

Choose Your Espresso’s Strength: V8, V10 or V12?

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
April 26, 2013

We love espresso here at Petrolicious, and our office machine sees heavy daily use keeping us all thoroughly caffeinated—all the better to service you, dear reader, with the best of the vintage automobilia world. Though it makes a quality thimble-full of jet fuel, our machine doesn’t look nearly as cool as the Espresso Veloce series of machines. Available in V8, V10, and extra-strong V12 versions, and built with high quality materials including magnesium, aluminum, and titanium, these machines are said to be inspired by Formula 1 engines. The oil filler cap of each is actually a bean reservoir, with ready to drink espresso delivered to a piston-shaped cup by means of an exhaust tube.

Normally on Crave we don’t feature items that aren’t yet ready for market, but we thought this one looked too cool not to share. Prices have yet to be announced, but we’re sure they won’t be cheap.

Visit Espresso Veloce for more details.

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Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru

This would look awesome on my kitchen table. True, probably one of the most beautifully engineered espresso machines of all time. Just wonderful. I have always wanted to own a coffee shop, or a personalized pub with the Grand Prix theme. And this would fit perfectly in this environment.

Andy Gondorf
Andy Gondorf

Gentlemen…….start your solvent extractions………

Brooks Wade
Brooks Wade

Yes please!