Gear: Classic Go-Fast Stickers Make for Cool Toolboxes

Classic Go-Fast Stickers Make for Cool Toolboxes

By Petrolicious Productions
May 14, 2013

Nothing accentuates a vintage toolbox or workbench like a collection of cool, old go-fast product stickers, and few cool automotive-themed collectibles come so inexpensively. Whether you keep your box neat and tidy, cleaning your tools with gasoline after every use, or it’s a greasy, hazardous-to-fingers, unorganized mess, slapping a few vintage logos on top or the sides will only make it better. Here we’ve gathered a few of our favorites currently up for offer on eBay—take a look yourself, and for less than a cheap lunch you’ll come away with a nice collection to start with.

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Click the links to see the eBay listings for the stickers pictured below: Speed Capital, Bendix Torture Team, Valvoline, Can-Am Champion, Mallory Ignition, Joe Hunt Magnetos, 53, Daytona, 59, Nürburgring, Sebring Florida, Castrol, Autoweek, FIA, Road America, Heuer, Prescribed Power Berger, County Speed Shop, Autodelta, 60 Porsche, Schaefer 500.

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11 years ago

Stickers on a vintage toolbox illustrate its history. Buying a bunch of vintage stickers and slapping them on your brand new tool box is like buying pre-distressed jeans; you’re making a fashion statement.

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