Gear: CMC's Detailed Models Are Now Available In The Petrolicious Shop

CMC’s Detailed Models Are Now Available In The Petrolicious Shop

By Alex Sobran
March 17, 2017

Model cars are one of those things that brings all generations of car enthusiasts together under a shared fondness for miniaturized machines. A toddler may place a plump little hand on the roof of a 250 GTO and take it for a carpeted test drive while the grandparents admire the degrees of craftsmanship and patience requisite for such a thing to exist at all. And just as a wide range of people derive joy from this scaled-down recreations, there also exists a spectrum of quality of the models themselves, ranging from the out-of-box pile at your local swap meet, all the way up to the immensely intricate work of an outfit like CMC Classic Model Cars.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the lower-end offerings of course—everything has its place—but those can’t hold a candle to the CMC models in terms of the care and complexity on display. The kind of dedication that leads to functional (buckle and all) leather hood straps is why Petrolicious is proud to carry a selection of these models in our shop.

While the majority of the life of a CMC car will likely be spent being admired on a shelf, it’s difficult to keep your hands off of them all the same. With so many moments that make you smile and shake your head at the level of detail, it’s an exercise in restraint to not continually open up every articulated piece over and over again just to marvel at it. On the GTO for instance, there are blocking panels that cover the iconic triplet of ducts between the headlights, and each one is fitted with a minuscule screw that can be removed with what I can only imagine is a tool used by optometrists or watchmakers in order to uncover the scoops below. It’s pretty mind-boggling stuff. And of course the knock-offs can be spun off the hubs to remove the jewel-like wire wheels from the functional suspension units within the metal body’s guts.

Every car that CMC creates is a union of pieces that are hand-assembled into a single, highly accurate model car. The interior carpets are laid in by a pair of steady hands, the seats are upholstered in real textiles and leather, the engine’s wiring is correctly looped around the exquisite bay, and it goes on like this all over the model. Meticulousness must be a motto in and of itself over there.

The execution of the model-building is one thing though, and selecting the right cars is a wholly different story. Fear not, because in this regard too CMC delivers the goods and then some. With some of the most storied automobiles gracing their fleet, there’s surely something here for any classic car fan with a penchant for sculpted bodywork and brazen styling; from the Maserati 250F of Fangio fame to the imposing black curves of Bugatti’s Atlantic, this has to be some kind of all-star team. With a clear sense of what’s worth modeling, CMC follows through with each piece being a knock-out blow to mediocrity. If you appreciate careful and tasteful work, check out the selection and see what catches your eye.

If you appreciate careful and tasteful work, check out the selection in the Petrolicious Shop and see what catches your eye.

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7 years ago

I proudly display a couple of CMC’s models on my shelf including the green 901 featured in the ‘ Shop ‘ and am hoping in the future they’ll come out with a Type 35 ‘ street version as well as rereleasing the Uhlenhaut SLR coupe [ my being a victim of my own ” You snooze You lose “] to add to my small but significant collection

Which is all to say in my rather wordy way … I highly recommend CMC’s models to any collector serious about quality albeit at a price .

PS; Petrolicious staff .. methinks y’alls needing a whole new category for these in your ‘ Shop ‘ seeing as how CMC models are anything but …. toys

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia
7 years ago
Reply to  GuitarSlinger

Good point about adding a new category! We’ll take care of it. Thanks.

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