Reader Submissions: Cody's Ford Mustang

Cody’s Ford Mustang

By Petrolicious Productions
September 27, 2012

Cody Anderson grew up in a family of die-hard American muscle devotees in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a recent transplant to Los Angeles.

Below is a Quick Take with him and his machine.

Your car’s name?


It’s age?


Your age?


Where did you two meet?

At a neighbor’s house in Scottsdale.

Love or passion?


Makes you feel like?

Jim Morrison driving around in ’68.

One thing you wish it had?

Headrests and cruise control for those

long road trips.

One thing you’re glad it doesn’t have?

Traction control.

The perfect drive?

Cruising Sunset all the way to PCH and Malibu on a Sunday.

The best time you’ve had together?

Driving from Scottsdale to Los Angeles from midnight to 6 in the morning with three good friends.

Worst thing you ever said to it?


Last time it let you down?

One and a half years ago she broke

down after I yelled “bitch” at her.

One important thing you want it to know?

Even in the hardest times when trying to fix her, she’s always been my favorite, and I’ll never part from her.

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Jessica Jonase
Jessica Jonase
2 years ago

It was Cody Anderson who inspired me to buy my own Ford Mustang. I had always wanted one, but never thought I could afford it. Cody showed me that you don’t have to be wealthy to own a nice car. He bought his Mustang with money he earned from his job. I would also love to read this article which is about the highest paying jobs in education that I can do to collect a lot of money to buy this wonderful car.

Andy Kay
Andy Kay
7 years ago

Maddie, Lucy. Lucy, Maddie. 🙂

Manuel Figueiredo
Manuel Figueiredo
7 years ago

I also love Mustangs!

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