Journal: Color Inspiration: Gold

Color Inspiration: Gold

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
February 5, 2013

Design and color have a large part to play in the history of the automotive world. Here, we’ve married the two things together for the purpose of showcasing some automotive beauty.

When it comes to car color, gold is close to a lot of different things. The color gold is technically a yellow-orange color blend to give the impression of the color of the element gold. There are many varying shades of the color gold, like golden yellow, pale gold, golden brown, etc. Golden cars are almost but not quite brown; they are nearly yellow, but might be more metallic or shimmery. Additionally, there are different classifications of metallic colors: gold, bronze, copper, or brass—sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between them all.

Gold is not a popular color for a car—why do you think that is? Do you love or hate gold as a car color?

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Mike Aldridge
Mike Aldridge

Pale gold used to be a popular color, but now it just looks like metallic beige…

It very much depends on the actual color, the car it’s applied to, and what embellishments are added.


That would depend on the gold and the car. That gold Mach1 is the sweetness.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange

Oro chiaro great colour


I say [i]yes[/i]! I had a 71 Cadillac Sedan de Ville for a few years in Firemist Gold. What a great car in this colour, and the fabric in the same shade as well! I used to call my own Golden Carrige. Here our Queen lis driven once a year in the royal horse drawn carrige, and i got to drive mine every day feeling a King:)

Michael Vernon
Michael Vernon

I love my gold Subaru Impreza. In 2007, it was the color of the JDM WRX and when the design change had been brought over to the United States, focus testing said that a gold Impreza would sell better than the turbo’d WRX variant. Suffice to say, there are not many gold Imprezas out there. She may not have a turbo and she may not be the lowest or most exciting car to look at but the way she drives, it hearkens back to the older Imprezas and sometimes further than that. She’ll carve a canyon with the best of… Read more »