News: Do You Have The UK's Best Toyota? Prove It At Silverstone in February 2019

Do You Have The UK’s Best Toyota? Prove It At Silverstone in February 2019

By News Desk
December 18, 2018

Do you own a roadgoing Toyota in the UK? Would you like to try it out at Silverstone in the legendary Pomeroy Trophy? “The Pom” has been run by the Vintage Sports-Car Club since 1952, pitting cars of all types and from all eras against each other using a series of handicap calculations to ensure all are judged equally. All that’s asked is that the car is road-legal and that the driver holds a road driving licence (a competition licence isn’t required)–and then car and driver are put through a a minimum of six assessed challenges on the Silverstone circuit. 

Toyota GB is behind this collaboration with the VSCC, which it’s calling the Parallel Pomeroy Trophy, with the aim of finding the UK’s best Toyota. It will take place alongside the main Pomeroy Trophy at Silverstone on Saturday February 16, using elements of the same tests, and be assessed by the same judges. The handicap formula used to determine the scoring will take into account factors such as the car’s engine capacity, its year of manufacture and the times recorded on the tests. 

Toyota GB has form here. For the 2018 Pom it took two Yaris GRMNs and a classic Corona model, and it went so well that the company decided to go all out for 2019. Scott Brownlee, Toyota GB’s Head of PR and Social Media, said: “The Pomeroy Trophy is an amazing competition that takes in cars of any age. The fact that a Yaris GRMN and a 1966 Corona could take part in the same event tells you all you need to know about what a fun, different event the Pomeroy Trophy is. We had a great time at this year’s event and we want Toyota enthusiasts to join us in February 2019. Whether you have a Supra, Celica, MR2 or even a Crown, we’d really like to see at least one of every model joining in. We want to provide a platform for all the Toyota car clubs to come together at the same event and have a good time.” 

Regulations can be downloaded from the VSCC website and the entry fee is £30 (proceeds will go to Guide Dogs for the Blind).


Images courtesy of Toyota GB

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