Journal: Do You Know Where And When Your Classic Was Built?

Do You Know Where And When Your Classic Was Built?

By Michael Banovsky
October 17, 2016

When reading our story about a reader’s discovery that his Porsche 911 began its life as a factory racing car, I couldn’t help but notice one detail from Ted’s interview: June 1968. In letters between its owner and Porsche, the company reveals that the car “left the production plant as a bare body and was delivered to the Racing Department in June 1968”—almost makes you wonder what the weather was like in Stuttgart at the time…

Anyway, when chasing down a car’s origins, some automakers can really say a vehicle was made, even down to the day. It may seem like useless trivia, but knowing the date has many practical applications—especially if you can prove with a reasonable amount of certainty that an automotive legend in some form or another worked on or built your car.

The exception? People who’ve built their own machines.

Do you know where and when your classic was built—and does it matter to you?

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4 years ago

Dutch Daf 55 Marathon, built in Daf’s born plant. First owner a dentist, after 1 year past to oure family.

5 years ago

My daf 55, was built in oktober 1968 and delivered to dealer Daf Romijn, Den Haag. On 17th November 1968, The customer dhr Esser, took delivery of the car. On 13th June of 1969 my great grandmother, built the car of him.

5 years ago
Reply to  felix

Built= bought

5 years ago

April 28th 1999. 2nd last day E36 M3’s were made, only 9 VIN’s higher. It’s also another excuse to buy something for the car on it’s birthday.

Tom DesRochers
Tom DesRochers(@brown76)
5 years ago

I know the “where”, but not the “when”. Kansas City. Someday I hope to take the car on a roadtrip and get a few photos of it sitting in front of the plant.

5 years ago

It’s a fun little fact, but I wouldn’t say it matters that much to me.