Travel: Don’t Miss This Insane Display Of Motorcycle Love

Don’t Miss This Insane Display Of Motorcycle Love

By Michael Banovsky
February 18, 2016

Photos by Jean-Philippe Defaut 

If you’re in San Francisco between today and early March, a trip to the I Am This Motorcycle show should be on your schedule. Why? Billed as an immersive experience that combines large-scale photography, sculptures, “archival ephemera”, and art to try and capture what makes motorcycles and their riders so unique.

“A motorcycle doesn’t just transport you from A to B. It give you access to a total visceral and spiritual experience,” says its curator, Jean-Philippe Defaut, and so the exhibition is designed to mirror the range of sensations that one would find on two wheels.

“As long as I can remember, the possibility of moving forwards, be it on a bicycle, a skateboard, in a car and more specifically on a motorcycle has always been part of my life,” Defaut explained in a release. “It fascinates me how rolling the throttle and releasing the clutch generates motion…It is a very personal thing, yet there are so many others across the world who share the same passion as I’ve discovered on this journey.”

I Am This Motorcycle runs until March 11 at Heron Arts in San Francisco, and you can follow the show on both Instagram and Facebook.

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