Journal: Draw Your Dream Car

Draw Your Dream Car

By Alan Franklin
March 27, 2013

As a kid in elementary school, I spent countless hours doodling cars and fighter jets during class, blissfully unaware of what was actually being taught at the time. My F15s looked like short-winged sausages and my Countaches were usually fitted with the highly sought-after oval wheel and asymmetric headlight option—purely in the interest of representing only the rarest of the breed, of course. As an adult, I still appreciate a good fighter jet, but it’s the obsession with cars that has really stuck with me, yet somehow my art skills have only improved marginally. And I’m still not sure I understand what Madame Curie did with all those peanuts…

We’ve stumbled across some useful links that help break down the complexities of drawing a car into a handful of easy-to-follow steps. The results, provided you’re able to follow a few simple instructions, are surprisingly detailed.

Grab a blank sheet of paper, a big box of colored pencils and go nuts—but leave the fridge gallery for your kids.

Click here for some simple steps and click here for some video tutorials.

Below are examples of more advanced car designs by professionals and automotive art school students. The creators of these drawings, illustrations, and renders probably started out first drawing simple cars like most of those shown in the links we’ve provided. When comparing the the simplest of car drawings to those of advanced designers, it’s very inspiring to see how much people can change and grow in their skills, the amount of talent these artists have, and how much hard work they’ve put in to get to the level at which they are currently.

Automotive designs by Art Garage, Brian Stupski, Mark Hoang, and Laura Jonason

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8 months ago

If you love drawing and coloring car pictures, you can refer to this coloring page:

Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips
6 years ago

Holden – Australian Muscle.

Mauricio Ferrusca
Mauricio Ferrusca
9 years ago

Dat yellow Stratos. Whoa.

Zippy Gordon
Zippy Gordon
11 years ago

Brings back all the memories of putting pen to paper and attempting to draw my imaginary dream car!

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