Travel: Drive Tastefully: Barker Hangar in Photos

Drive Tastefully: Barker Hangar in Photos

By Petrolicious Productions
June 30, 2015

Photography by Afshin Behnia, Chris Gonzalez, Jonathan W.C. Mills, Aitor Uribarri

It’s difficult to put into words how engaging classic cars are, because once you’re with fellow classic car enthusiasts, you’re able to enjoy a smattering of unforgettable stories, vehicles, and—in the case of our recent Drive Tastefully: Barker Hangar Rally—roads.

From the intricate details on the Facels in attendance to the brutal beauty of several fast road-prepared Porsche 911s, it was a chance for everyone to spend a relaxed morning in the company of nearly 200 like-minded enthusiasts.

If you weren’t there, this recap will give you an idea of how much the event was enjoyed by all—and if you did join us, hopefully there are a few shots below that you’ll be able to show off to friends!

We’d like to extend special thanks to all of our participants, as well as our event sponsors, Auctions America, Classics & Exotics, and Classic Car Capital.

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Simon Tuman
Simon Tuman(@2man)
6 years ago

There has to be more pictures than this?

Nathan Leland
Nathan Leland(@fb_1021010292)
6 years ago

Great event! Here are my photos from the event…

Nathan Leland
Nathan Leland(@fb_1021010292)
6 years ago
Reply to  Nathan Leland

My bad, that is the generic link to my photostream, here is the album for the event.

Doug Joseph
Doug Joseph(@dougjoseph)
6 years ago

The blue Abarth 750GT is mine and yes, it is a Zagato bodied “double bubble” from 1960. Thanks for the comments!

Giacomo Chizzola
Giacomo Chizzola(@chiz)
6 years ago
Reply to  Doug Joseph

Wow, great car, my compliments!

Antony Ingram
Antony Ingram(@antony-ingram)
6 years ago

Wonderful stuff, and great to see a few Morgan 3 Wheelers in there – the ‘modern’ car that best upholds the Drive Tastefully ethos?

The little blue Abarth is beautiful too.

6 years ago
Reply to  Antony Ingram

That little Abarth is one of my favorites. I am not sure, but do you know whether or not it is wearing coachwork by Zagato? It looks like it has a “double bubble” don’t you think? On a side note, have you noticed how small most of these cars look? It is amazing how bloated modern cars have become.

Jason Perls Miller
Jason Perls Miller(@fb_10152980567502104)
6 years ago

Lots of fun…any more pictures to be posted?

Bertram Wooster
Bertram Wooster(@fb_100002929454700)
6 years ago

Thanks for posting more pictures!