Events: Drive Your Classic To The Himalayas. Or Mongolia. Or Ethiopia. Or Alaska! These are Rally Round's 2020-2022 Adventures

Drive Your Classic To The Himalayas. Or Mongolia. Or Ethiopia. Or Alaska! These are Rally Round’s 2020-2022 Adventures

By News Desk
August 20, 2019

Rally Round has been making a name for itself for creating rallying adventures that take in some of the most picturesque and challenging terrain on the planet, and it has raised the bar once again with the announcement of its 2020-2022 event calendar. New rallies taking place in Mongolia, Ethiopia and Alaska join the established events and feedback from competitors has shaped how they will be run, as rally director Liz Wenman explains:

“The success of the Trans-Himalayan Adventure shows the sort of experience that these explorers are looking for in their cars. It doesn’t always need to be about hard competition and the quickest time. We have created a calendar which allows crews to visit the undiscovered in the most spectacular way.”

2020 will start off with the stunning tour of Rajasthan on the Maharajan Marathon in February, taking in historic palaces and jaw-dropping scenery on an 18-day tour. The Trans-Himalayan Adventure was a major success earlier this year and it will be back next April for a 21-day run through China, Tibet and Nepal. The inaugural Pure Mongolia event is scheduled for early 2021 and will explore national parks, deserts and ancient rivers. While the journey will not just be about the quickest times, the organizers do say that this event is ideal for crews who have previous competition experience in the Peking to Paris rally.

The second Rally Round Africa follows the Mongolian event and is a luxury rally ideal for novice crews who wish to enjoy some mildly competitive driving mixed in with some beautiful safaris. Ethiopia is the last venue for 2021 and promises to be a challenging test of man/woman and machine with a tough mix of high altitudes and rough terrain. 2022 will kick off with the running of the Samurai Challenge in Japan and end with the first-ever Wild Alaska rally, which will take competitors through the inhospitable depths of Alaska and the Yukon. For those keen on honing their rallying skills a bit more before taking on the challenges of a full-blown rally, there will also be a series of shorter events as well as dedicated training events held worldwide.

Further information on the upcoming events can be found on the organizer’s website, below.

Images courtesy of Rally Round

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