Travel: Drivers, Take Note: This Incredible German Road Is Waiting For You

Drivers, Take Note: This Incredible German Road Is Waiting For You

By Máté Boér
November 24, 2015

The world’s best driving roads rarely encounter you by chance; a true petrolhead is supposed to know where to drive to get maximum buzz while behind the wheel. But chance encounters do exist, and this is how I tumbled onto the Rossfeld High Ring Road—Rossfeld Panoramastraße—and spent the last rays of the day’s sun conquering this Alpine wonderland.

Here, the Germans have fashioned for drivers and motorcycle riders a perfect bow from smooth tarmac. It wraps around the mountains, forests and villages of Berchtesgadener Land. Of course, the subject of the “perfect” road is a contentious one, but in support of this road, I didn’t have to wait for long to the arrival of the first classic car: a beautifully-restored Austin Healey 3000.

I had stopped to enjoy the views of the nearby Hoher Göll peak—yes, it is a rare road where drivers and queasy passengers alike seem happy to wait at the side of the road and take in the sights.

The 9.3-mile long Rossfeld High Ring Road is the highest panoramic road in Germany, with its top lying at 5,151 ft (1,570 meters) above the see level. In return for a few Euros, the road is passable all year round, even though it meanders above the snow line.

Rossfeldstraße offers tourist opportunities, too: a small ski slope for the winter months, and more importantly, the Rossfeld Rennen. It was run as part of the European Hillclimb Championship, a well-known hillclimb event between 1958 and 1973, and has been revived as a historic event.

Set your calendars for September 23-25, 2016…

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Henrik Lilholt
Henrik Lilholt
4 years ago

Schwarzwalder Hochstrasse (B500) is also amazing.

Wim De Pril
Wim De Pril(@f355nut)
6 years ago

Time to actually go ahead and plan that road trip to the Alps in stead of just dreaming about it! It’s only 900 km away!

Fredrik Assarsson
Fredrik Assarsson(@fassarsson)
6 years ago

Brings back exhilarating memories from a pass leading to Munster coming from the french border and climbing up the hills through dense, steep forests in a hotted Volvo 122 Amazon (with worn studded tires in August..) swerving through beeswarms of motorcycle riders with a death wish at every corner and then heading downhill for what seemed like forever. The views at the top seemed to go on forever as well. Well worth a go for anybody planning a drive near the southern german/french border!
Don’t drive on studded old tires though… 😉

Gabriel Marin
Gabriel Marin(@gabrielmarin)
6 years ago

New plans for spring!

Rudolf Wesseln
Rudolf Wesseln(@wuseln)
6 years ago

That’s my hometurf!