Market Finds: Dual-Purpose 914/6 Pushes All the Right Buttons

Dual-Purpose 914/6 Pushes All the Right Buttons

By Petrolicious Productions
April 17, 2013

Beginning with this installment we’re going to be occasionally detailing a car for sale in our regular Crave feature. Our goal is to highlight some of the coolest vintage cars for sale at any given time—after all, we’re going to be fantasy-garage browsing anyway!

Our inaugural Crave-mobile is a lovely little 914/6 prepped for SCCA vintage racing. Painted in the iconic ’70s orange that only classic Porsches seem to pull off, it’s well presented with pictures of what appears to be a very clean and well-prepped car, though is perhaps a bit light on history and specific information pertaining to this example. No claims of originality are made, but it is mentioned that the car has never been wrecked and the shop credited with its care is reputable. Though value is difficult to speculate on due to an unmet reserve, we’re guessing it will probably go for fair market value, meaning low-to-mid $40,000s.

The seller mentions that the car should be relatively easy to register for street use, and that’s definitely what we’d have in mind if we were so lucky to be in the market for a race-prepped 914/6—drive it to the office on Fridays, attack the canyons on Saturday, race it on Sunday.

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Michael Kays
Michael Kays(@fb_100000009387872)
8 years ago

Johannesburg is correct…factory 914-6’s have taken a serious hike in market value over the last 10yrs (ESP the last couple) due to their rarity whether it’s one that needs lots of TLC, bone stock, or modified for street/race. Obviously a few others are missing out due to ‘ole ways of thought.. 🙂

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru(@leuceaalexandru)
8 years ago

Unfortunately, this was never a proper Porsche and one must be out of his mind to spend 40.000 on a car with an engine from a van.

Johannes Roussel
Johannes Roussel(@johannes)
8 years ago

This is a 914-6 and it has a Porsche six cylinder engine from a 911…

Josh Clason
Josh Clason(@joshclason)
8 years ago

I always have a special place in my heart for a streetable racer.

Niklaus Gingro
Niklaus Gingro(@kingcrowing)
8 years ago

That seems really expensive for a 914 – for $40k you could buy a 993, even at it’s current $20k price you could find a decent 3.2 Carrera, but then again I’ve never been a huge 914 fan.