Journal: Electrified Ford Bronco Is So Much More Than Just Another EV Classic Conversion

Electrified Ford Bronco Is So Much More Than Just Another EV Classic Conversion

By News Desk
April 29, 2019

Thanks to the efficiency and performance benefits of electric motors over conventional gas-powered engines, we are rapidly transitioning to an all-electric future. This trend has now started to spread to the classic car scene too where its implementation has not always been met with universal praise, especially when the vehicles in question already have sonorous V8s and V12s under their hoods. The original Ford Bronco, however, looks to be one classic vehicle that should be ideal for electrification. Zero Labs Automotive thinks so too and its Electric Classic Ford Bronco is a stylish, handcrafted re-interpretation of this iconic SUV.

Instead of just slotting in an electric motor and battery where the old engine used to be, this electric Bronco has been thoroughly redesigned with over 1000 original designs and components and an interior that is stunning to behold. There is a 70kWh battery which promises a range of 190 miles and the electric motor produces 440hp along with 277lb-ft of torque which should give the Bronco contemporary levels of performance. That torque figure seems a bit low for an electric motor but exact performance specifications may change before production begins.

The drivetrain comprises of a five-speed manual transmission (an anomaly for an electric vehicle) and a two-speed transfer case, which can send the power to either two or four wheels. The electric Bronco has been in development for a number of years and it is clear that a lot of attention has been paid to every little detail of its design. Despite looking very much like a classic Bronco, the Zero Labs version features aerospace grade carbon fiber body panels, handmade walnut or bamboo interior panels and can be further customized to each owner’s tastes.

There will initially be 150 first edition models offered but Zero Lab’s intention is to put the Electric Bronco into serial production. There are no pricing details available yet but interested parties can reserve a spot for the first batch of cars without placing a deposit.

Images courtesy of Zerolabs

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1 month ago

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Impossible quiz The(@impossible_quiz_the)
1 month ago

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1 month ago

These electric cars are just awesome! They are the future of the economy and the restoration of the ecology of the planet! As an art teacher, I create step-by-step drawing manuals for children, I am horrified to see how our ecology suffers from daily gas emissions!

1 year ago

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Peter J Smith
Peter J Smith(@fb_1043682525)
2 years ago

This trend of ruining classics has to end! Any person who puts dog shit, electric powertrains in a classic, should have their eyes put out, their eardrums ruptured, and, their tongue cut out! EVs are for worthless, tree hugging, hippie faggots.

2 years ago

Yep, and just like that. Brilliant over and over again. The joy of classic but contemporary tech. 100% support from me.