Featured: Even The MGB GT Looks Like A Million Bucks In Italy

Even The MGB GT Looks Like A Million Bucks In Italy

Michael Banovsky By Michael Banovsky
September 24, 2015

Photography by Edoardo Mascalchi

Called his “English girl”, Niccolò’s MGB GT is a relative rarity in Italy, for obvious reasons.

But instead of dwelling on why this British car has been given a new life in Italy, it’s more important that Niccolò and his friend, Edoardo, took a few hours to shoot this car around Sesto Fiorentino, a small town near Florence.

Thing is, beyond the big-name events and cars, classics like the more humble B aren’t often given their time to shine. Starting with Villa Stanley, the trio (owner, photographer, B) make their way to other notable stops in the area. It may not be a Frontline Developments-modified MG, but when’s the last time you saw such an attractive car in an olive grove?

For more on this B, visit car-shooters.com

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Charlie Anti
Charlie Anti

What are the obvious reasons?

retro sonic
retro sonic

Nope it may just be a collection of pressed steel,plastic & rubber but those photos make it worth at least a couple of million.