Featured: Even The MGB GT Looks Like A Million Bucks In Italy

Even The MGB GT Looks Like A Million Bucks In Italy

By Michael Banovsky
September 24, 2015

Photography by Edoardo Mascalchi

Called his “English girl”, Niccolò’s MGB GT is a relative rarity in Italy, for obvious reasons.

But instead of dwelling on why this British car has been given a new life in Italy, it’s more important that Niccolò and his friend, Edoardo, took a few hours to shoot this car around Sesto Fiorentino, a small town near Florence.

Thing is, beyond the big-name events and cars, classics like the more humble B aren’t often given their time to shine. Starting with Villa Stanley, the trio (owner, photographer, B) make their way to other notable stops in the area. It may not be a Frontline Developments-modified MG, but when’s the last time you saw such an attractive car in an olive grove?

For more on this B, visit car-shooters.com

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Fabrizio Casano
Fabrizio Casano
2 years ago

anche io sono possessore di una bellissima MGB GT del 1973 rossa…a breve metterò foto. Nel merito dell’estetica ritengo che sia una delle più belle auto inglesi classiche di sempre (non a caso è stata disegnata anche da Pininfarina)….

Charlie Anti
Charlie Anti
7 years ago

What are the obvious reasons?

retro sonic
retro sonic
7 years ago

Nope it may just be a collection of pressed steel,plastic & rubber but those photos make it worth at least a couple of million.