Events: EVENTS: Petrolicious Members Are Eligible For Free Tickets To Boxengasse Oilcooled 20

EVENTS: Petrolicious Members Are Eligible For Free Tickets To Boxengasse Oilcooled 20

By Petrolicious
February 21, 2020

We love Porsches here at Petrolicious, and it goes without saying that we aren’t alone—for a marque that’s been tinkering with the same design for over half a century, there is a markedly diverse following that’s formed behind the 911 and its front- and mid-engined relatives. It’s not a stretch to say that Porsche enthusiasts span nearly as wide a range as car enthusiasts in general. Given the same stock 911, one can turn it into a dedicated track car, a safari-style off-roader, or simply enjoy it for what it is already. Porsche builds sports cars, but it’s a sports car brand with a unique knack for getting the attention of even those who have no interest in how a car feels to drive. To some, Porsches are pieces of art. to be enjoyed as a view rather than a vehicle. To others, the same car might have the sole duty as a track car that wears its rubber streaks and rock chips with pride. This is true of almost every car that wears the Porsche crest, but this multi-functionality is epitomized in the air-cooled community.

Frank Cassidy is one of the more well known members of said community, but like all true car enthusiasts, his appreciation goes beyond his preferences. To celebrate the spirit of individuality and the general blank slate nature of classic Porsche sports cars, he went a bit further than organizing a get together in the local strip mall parking lot. Cassidy created Boxengasse, a bonafide compound for vintage Porsche owners, mechanics, and more. Set in the UK countryside near the Silverstone Circuit, Boxengasse is a beautiful collection of buildings that house full-time and full-on Porsche specialists like Autofarm, while also serving as a perfect meeting place for events like the upcoming Oilcooled 20.

The event welcomes air- and water-cooled Porsches to attend, and rather than file into rows of lines painted on blacktop, entrants’ cars will be arranged among the Boxengasse facilities and the around the adjacent lake for an atmosphere that’s more big picnic than big swath of parking lot. As a proud partner of Boxengasse for Oilcooled 20, Petrolicious is giving away 50 tickets to the event to the first 50 of our Premium and Founding Members who email us this weekend. We hope to see you there. Details about Oilcooled 2020 are below.


The show will be held on Sunday, August 23rd, 2020, but attendees are welcome to visit the facilities on Saturday for a quiet summer evening in front of the silver screen. Open-fire food will be available, and No Man’s Land will be screened on the outdoor projector. Children under 16 enter free.


Boxengasse, Langford Lane, Bicester, OX25 2NS


Petrolicious Members will receive an email on Monday regarding Oilcooled 20. The first 50 Members that reply will receive a free ticket. Members, please check your email for instructions on Monday. To sign up to become a Petrolicious Member, please visit our Membership page.

Official Event Page

Please visit this link to learn more about Oilcooled 20 and Boxengasse.

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Milania Greendevald
Milania Greendevald
2 years ago

This is an exciting event. I like to attend sports events live, and not online, because these are completely different emotions. In addition, I always find tickets here at pleasant prices

Son of stig
Son of stig
4 years ago

Nice show…. But just luftgekühlt copy?

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