Travel: Exploring Los Padres In Two 356s Equals The Perfect Wednesday

Exploring Los Padres In Two 356s Equals The Perfect Wednesday

By Ted Gushue
November 29, 2016

Photography by Ted Gushue

David Martin and Carl Magnussen are two characters that are no strangers to the pages of Petrolicious. They’re two friends who’ve enjoyed multiple Mille Miglias together, traveled the world together, designed great things together, and generally just…done it all together.

David of course cut his teeth designing most of the skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles, while Carl spent decades designing and growing the industrial design powerhouse Knoll. Needless to say, when these cats ask if you and Florence Walker want to spend the day out of the office exploring Los Padres in a pair of 356s that have been beautifully restored by David, you say yes.


The route was simple: Get out of dodge, and into the wilderness. Stop for lunch in Ojai around 1pm, and head back down PCH afterwards. I’d never been to Los Padres before, but it’s one of the most eerily beautiful sceneries you could ever imagine. We went 30 miles without seeing another car on the road, all the while surrounded by what could have been a Star Trek alien world.

There are few things in life as freeing as opening up an air cooled car on a remote stretch of road when you could be sitting in your office flipping through emails.

Want to recreate the same drive? I’ve gone through and recreated it in Google Maps. Hope you enjoy the drive as much as we did.

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Al Koenig
Al Koenig
5 years ago

Are you kiddin’ me? That has to have been THE best way to spend the day…gorgeous cars!

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rao sabir
5 years ago

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