Motorsport: Ferrari Racing Days At Laguna Seca Offers A Ferrari Thoroughbred Experience

Ferrari Racing Days At Laguna Seca Offers A Ferrari Thoroughbred Experience

By News Desk
April 8, 2019

If you are any sort of motoring enthusiast, and perhaps even if you’re not, there is something about a Ferrari. Owning a Ferrari is many people’s idea of living the dream. Being able to race genuine examples of Ferrari’s most advanced track-only cars is likely something close to the ultimate. And Corse Clienti, Ferrari’s customer racing division, offers just this, right the way up to modern Ferrari Formula 1 cars. With Ferrari Racing Days it arranges gatherings so that the said Ferrari owners can have track time, and even race each other, at some of the world’s most revered circuits. The latest gathering is around a month away; it takes place at the famous Laguna Seca track in California on May 10-12.

As you might expect, what has been described doesn’t come cheap but the Ferrari Racing Days gathering at least lets the rest of us with not quite so deep pockets get a rare opportunity to see and hear these thoroughbreds being taken to the limit on track. The event also lets fans and families get up close to the cars and talk to the drivers in a paddock crammed with track and street legal Ferraris. In many cases children are invited to jump inside the cockpit for photos. Corse Clienti’s three main activities will be present at Laguna Seca. From the F1 Clienti program there will be a rare chance to see several famous Ferrari grand prix challengers, right up to those from the team’s ultra-successful days with Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello at the wheel, which will transmit a scream that has been lost to contemporary Formula 1. There also will be race action from Ferrari 488 Challenge—a one-make racing series for 488s. An amazing 50 car-plus field is expected.

There’s also the XX Program of very limited-edition cars homologated solely for the track but based on road-going Ferraris, developed exclusively by tester customers and backed by the experience of professional technicians and drivers for an unparalleled driving experience. The FXX-K Evos will be there, ready to exploit the upwards of 1000bhp produced by the 6-liter V12 and the Hy-Kers hybrid system. They will be accompanied by FXX-Ks, which unlike the Evos don’t sport the aerodynamic kit. There will also be 599XXs and 5999XX Evos. Advance VIP Hospitality packages, general admission tickets, preferred parking and camping are currently available for the Laguna Seca event, and can be bought online or by calling the track’s ticket office.

Images courtesy of WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca and Ferrari North America

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