Travel: Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Ingenuity Is On Full Display in This Museum

Ferruccio Lamborghini’s Ingenuity Is On Full Display in This Museum

By Jacopo Villa
July 10, 2015

Photography by: Federico Bajetti

Did you know that Lamborghini is quite the name in offshore boats? Did you know that Lamborghini developed a Formula 1 engine in the late ’80s? Or even that you can stay cool with a Lamborghini air cooler? If not, you might be missing something.

The new museum dedicated to Ferruccio Lamborghini is a jump into the amazing creations and life of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Do not expect to find only cars and tractors: Ferruccio built more things than these two. If you’re a fan of the bull you can become an owner of a Lamborghini even if you buy a vintage air cooler, oil burner, hydraulic pump or…one of five helicopters made! The family museum is located in Funo di Argelato, not too far from Sant’Agata Bolognese in the old pump factory. Still with the vintage insignia, the facility is a collection of almost all the private cars of Ferruccio, from his Miura SV to the Countach and Diablo. The real icing on the cake is his famous white Ferrari 250 GT—the origin of the legendary rivalry between il Commendatore and Ferruccio. It will, hopefully, be shown in the coming months.

Perhaps the most important piece of the collection are two early Carioca tractors. This particular model has been the first economical agricultural machine to be produced and sold after the Second World War. It is a symbol of Ferruccio’s ingenuity and energy: in the tough years after the war, he was able to re-use the military surplus of Allied Willys Jeeps in order to build a tractor that was economical enough for farmers to buy and use.

The museum features an impressive collection of other tractors and, of course, cars. Inside, you can see all production models all the way up to the Diablo. Special treats include the only Jalpa Roadster, a Jarama rally car, Espada gullwing prototype, and the first marquette for the first Lamborghini 350 GT of 1963.

The pioneering spirit of Ferruccio lives in this place. Visiting it, you learn what kind of person he was: a passionate mechanic with a fighting spirit who wasn’t afraid of difficulties and the rigors of life. 

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Ankur Atri
Ankur Atri(@deamarus)
6 years ago

We used to have a large Lamborghini furnace in our thermodynamics laboratory at university. When it was dismantled for scrap I found one of the younger lecturers busily unscrewing the Lambo badge off it as a keepsake.

Michael Ledwitz
Michael Ledwitz(@thinkbigmichael)
6 years ago

Happy New Year Everyone!!! That was a nice article….I would love to make that journey to see this live…
Drive your passion,
Michael Ledwitz

Danilo Saponara
Danilo Saponara
6 years ago

Great job Jacopo!
Just revise the ITALIAN word Commendadore in COMMENDATORE :p

6 years ago

Besides all that, you can still purchase Lambo lawn mower, hedge trimmer, weed wacker, stuff like that, with angry Lambo bull emblem on. Sadly, Honda lawn mower appears to be way better…

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
6 years ago
Reply to  JB21

…. not to mention a pretty decent bottle of Lamborghini wine … and more importantly …. now this …

Though sadly there’s only one … THE one by the way to be had