Market Finds: First-gen Camaros Available Now on Hemmings

First-gen Camaros Available Now on Hemmings

By Petrolicious Productions
January 21, 2015

For Chevrolet muscle car lovers, the first generation Camaro is sacred. The design, configurations, and racing pedigree keep this Camaro in high demand today despite mass production from 1966 to 1969. Restored examples are available but if you choose to restore one yourself you’ll be able to complete the build without too much trouble as every part is available as a reproduction, including crate engines. How would you configure yours? If this week’s video Life with Lucy has inspired you to consider a first-gen Camaro, but you’d like to forego your own build and just enjoy it from day one, we’ve found three of the 374 listed on Hemmings that we think you’d like. 


The car: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro (SS clone)

Price: $29,999

Location: Lakeland, Florida, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

In response to Ford’s Mustang, Chevrolet introduced the Camaro for 1967. The car borrowed chassis components from the Nova, and was available as a coupe or convertible. For 1967, you could buy the car with the RS appearance package, SS performance package with a 350 or 396 cubic inch V8, or the Z28 “race-ready” beast. This Camaro is powered by a 350 cubic inch (5.7L) small-block V8 mated to a four-speed manual transmission. The car boasts a recent high-end restoration as an SS “tribute.” This first generation is a great example of the restored Camaros available without giving up your first born.


The car: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro

Price: $29,995

Location: St. Charles, Missouri, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

1968 saw several changes to the car including government-mandated marker lights in the fenders, split tail lights, and lost the side window vents to name a few. Dealer-installed performance upgrades like the 427 big-block from the Corvette became popular, immortalizing names like Dana and Yenko. This beautiful Tripoli Turquoise coupe has been restored with power disc brakes and aftermarket air conditioning. It’s powered by a 350 small-block with a Turbo-Hydramatic transmission.


The car: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS Z/28

Price: $95,000

Location: San Jose, California, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Chevrolet updated the body for 1969 while reusing the hood and trunk from the previous year. The Camaro’s mechanical bits remained nearly unchanged save for more performance upgrades. Four wheel disc brakes, Crossram intake, and COPO (Central Office Production Order) 427s were among the options that gave the first-gen Camaro an impressive trophy case. This genuine RS Z/28 Crossram has undergone a rotisserie restoration and engine rebuild, and the interior has been converted from green to black, can you blame them? Someone please save this Camaro from becoming a line in an investment portfolio and give it the life it deserves on the road.

If you know of a great, stylish car for sale and would like us to feature it, please let us know!

Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in any of these cars, do your homework and research extensively before you buy.

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