News: FIVA Adds Miata, Diablo, Trabant To List Of Potential Classics

FIVA Adds Miata, Diablo, Trabant To List Of Potential Classics

By News Desk
January 28, 2020

What does it take for a vehicle to earn the title of ‘classic’? According to FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens), an organization dedicated to the preservation and celebration of vintage cars and bikes, one of the main criteria is that it is at least 30 years old or older. So this year, FIVA has added a few notable – and maybe even surprising – vehicles that could be considered classic.

Believe it or not, the first-generation Mazda MX-5 (née Miata) has reached the 30-year plateau. It has become the best-selling two-seat convertible in history, and no wonder, mixing old-school roadster charm with modern Japanese reliability. Also from Japan is the first-gen Acura NSX, the legendary sports car with a mid-mounted V6.

Lamborghini’s Diablo makes the cut, as does the original Renault Clio, the Lotus Carlton, the Aston Martin Virage Volante, BMW E36, Ford Fiesta RS Turbo, Land Rover Discovery five-door and the Maserati Shamal. The Suzuki VX800, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and the Norton F1 motorcycles can also be considered.

Another car to make the list is the 1990 Trabant 1.1, the last version of this Cold War-era legend. While referring to this Cold War-era relic as a ‘classic’ might not register with some, this version is the most rare and has a four-stroke engine instead of the earlier generation’s smokey two strokes.

Of course, just reaching the 30-year milestone doesn’t guarantee every example of these cars will be considered classic; on top of age, FIVA’s other requirements are that the car is preserved and maintained in a historically correct condition, it’s not used as a means of daily transport and it is a part of our technical and cultural heritage.

*Images courtesy of FIVA

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