Market Finds: Five German Sports Sedans Available Now for Under $25K

Five German Sports Sedans Available Now for Under $25K

By Petrolicious Productions
October 21, 2014

Before Germany produced performance sedans, four doors were utilitarian, soulless appliances for transporting more than two people at a time; a disposable machine that announced, “I give up.” Sure, there were Detroit straight-line ponies good for a burnout but never designed to run at Nardo. Today most classic sedans worth owning and experiencing are German sport sedans. The combination of handling, high-revving power plants, rear wheel drive, and of course, a usable back seat, give them wide appeal. There are many examples for sale but few in reasonable shape at a rational price. Here is some four-door, Deutschland iron currently available for under $25k.

The car: 1985 Mercedes-Benz 190e 2.3-16

Price: $12,500

Location: Sammamish, Washington, USA

Seller’s Info: Click here

Often overshadowed by the Audi Quattro and BMW E30 M3, the 190e 2.3- 16 has a pedigree worthy of affection. The baby Benz racer has a four cylinder engine with a dual-overhead cam 16-valve Cosworth head. Although the street version is detuned substantially, the thrill is still there. This Euro 190e was imported with 185hp and “no US emission” from the factory in Germany. The seller states that it “has factory advanced racing suspension and aerodynamic additions.”

The car: 1970 Opel Commodore A GS/E

Price: €10,700

Location: Gunzenhausen, Germany

Seller’s Info: Click here

When looking for a refined classic German sports sedan, you may not think of Opel. Opel Commodore As were mass produced from 1967 to 1971. The GS was an upgrade but the GS/E was the motorsport homologation with fuel injection and tuned by Steinmetz. This understated GS/E is available from Germany with 15 inch BBS wheels, replaced headlights, and a renewed rear end with new trailing arms.

The car: 1973 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL

Price: $5,100 (Current Bid)

Location: Menlo Park, California

Seller’s Info: Click here

No German Sports Sedan list would be complete without a Mercedes-Benz 300SEL. In 1971 the AMG “Red Pig” 300SEL finished second at the 24 hours of Spa. The original race car was fitted with a 6.8 liter 428 hp custom built engine. AMG proved that sedans could be viable racecars. This 1973 300SEL has 101,328 miles and is equipped with a 4.5 liter V8. The current owner says it has “interior flaws” but “starts up like a new car.” This rust-free sedan has a factory sunroof and is available for purchase in Northern California.

The car: 1980 BMW M535i

Price: €19,400

Location: Skipton, United Kingdom

Seller’s Info: Click here

The predecessor to the iconic BMW E28 M5 was E12 M535i. The design of the E12 is based on a concept by Bertone and perfected by French designer Paul Bracq. Considered the first model from the BMW Motorsport division, it sports a 210 hp, 3.5 liter straight six. The M535i came standard with larger brakes, Recaro seats, limited-slip differential and most importantly, Motorsport striping. The seller notes a complete mechanical and bodywork restoration within the last year. This Sedan is available with “ZERO rust” in North Yorkshire, England.

The car: 1993 Mercedes-Benz 500e

Price: $15,499

Location: Fort Lee, New Jersey

Seller’s Info: Click here

Sometimes the right answer is stuffing a five-liter V8 into a sedan, flaring the fenders, lowering it, and installing big brakes. That’s precisely what Mercedes-Benz did in the early nineties in collaboration with Porsche. This bruiser of a Benz is a “Southern car” with “no reported…defects.” “The A/C…blows cold,” has a “brand new Bosch battery” and has “never seen snow.”

If you know of a great, stylish car for sale and would like us to feature it, please let us know!

Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in any of these cars, do your homework and research extensively before you buy.

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Pete McLachlan
Pete McLachlan
9 years ago

The lovely green 4.5 300 SEL appears well bought, with room to bring the car up to spec without getting buried in the cost of the experience. When I get around to checking one of these beauties off my list, I am sure it will cost much more. Hi Ho and GLTB

TJ Martin
TJ Martin
9 years ago

2.3 16v .. +1 with a bullet ( and a personal favorite )

500E … maybe [ depending on service records available ] *

M535i … +1 with a bullet again

300SEL … once again .. maybe .. as before strictly depending on complete accurate service records *

Commodore A GS/E … Just say No ! Its utter dreck having all the performance of a lame pig …. and is severely over priced for what it is

* ( both are very complex Benz’s with multiple issues that are difficult at best to fix and expensive as all ___ regardless of whether you DIY or take them to a very qualified mechanic. To borrow my Porsche axiom … There is No Such Thing as a ‘ Bargain ‘ Benz . Especially a bargain ‘ performance ‘ Benz ! Consider yourselves duly warned )

9 years ago

Petrolicious as epic as ever!

The E12 M535i above is mine. It’s a terrific car, will really miss it when it’s gone. I put heart and soul into the restoration but sadly it’s time to go. I’m set on replacing it with a rally prepared Alpine A310 V6 in France.

9 years ago
Reply to  Ben

I have one for sale here in Switzerland A310 V6

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