Featured: For Collectors, One Special Monterey Event Has It All

For Collectors, One Special Monterey Event Has It All

By Benjamin Shahrabani
August 5, 2015

Photography by Josh Clason

Everybody collects “something”. In fact, anthropologists have discovered that collectors have existed all the way back to the beginning of human history. But why do we collect? The reason could be intellectual, aesthetic, or even emotional.

The item in question might be something that changes with the times—a century, decade, or even a single season—like a fad, but in almost every case, the most exciting collections have been built around a genuine, profound, and lasting interest in the works themselves.

For Petrolistas, it’s all about cars. Whether you own one or several, or even aspire to own a particular model, there is a good chance that you may want an accessory, or two, to complement it. Automakers are happy to sell you something from a website or catalogue, whether you own one of their cars or not. Ferrari and Porsche together sold almost $250-million dollars of branded merchandise in 2014. The bulk of these were baubles such as cufflinks, watches, leather wallets, shirts, jackets, and hats. But if those things happen to be too mainstream, Bugatti will be most happy to sell you a carbon fiber and titanium Hookah pipe for a cool $100,000, and Koenigsegg would no doubt love to sell you a lovely keyring for one of their cars you undoubtedly don’t own for only $520.

But if you find those items too expensive, too commonplace, and too new, you may find yourself searching out automobilia. Automobilia is vintage memorabilia for cars, and can be almost anything automotive: vintage posters, photographs, brochures, catalogues, correspondence, signed items, badges, books, models, gas pumps, neon signs, original artwork, hood ornaments, trophies, and signs. Of course, our two-wheeled brethren aren’t left out, either.

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Image sources: www.cavallino.comporsche-blog.nl

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