News: For The Bugatti Family Who Thought They Had Everything... Here's The Three-Quarter Size Baby II

For The Bugatti Family Who Thought They Had Everything… Here’s The Three-Quarter Size Baby II

By News Desk
September 18, 2019

Earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show, Bugatti revealed a 3D-printed model of the successor to its 1920s Bugatti ‘Baby’ ,which was a half-scale model of the beautiful Type 35. Originally intended to be a one-off for Ettore’s youngest son Roland, the enthusiastic response from customers spurred Ettore and his older son Jean to produce 500 of these tiny sportsters, which have since become valuable collector cars in their own right.

The reception to the Baby II at Geneva was just as positive and the planned production run of 500 cars was sold out within three weeks. The first prototype of the Baby II has now been revealed to coincide with Bugatti’s 110th-anniversary celebrations taking place this year. It too is based on the Type 35 but is now to three-quarter scale with an adjustable pedal box, which will allow mom and dad to get behind the wheel once the kids are in bed.

Designed in collaboration with The Little Car Company, the Baby II has been built to the highest standards and its measurements have been taken from a digital scan of a 1924 Type 35 Lyon Grand Prix car to ensure that it looks just right. The attention to detail is impressive and Ben Hedley, CEO of the Little Car Company, is justifiably proud of their accomplishment, “It’s been a huge honor to be involved in this project with Bugatti. The Baby is a key part of Bugatti’s heritage, and we wanted to create something which is deserving of the name. We set out to design something which was respectful of the original but also great fun to drive, and the early feedback from customers tells us we’ve achieved that.”

Power is supplied by either a 1.4kWh or 2.8kWh battery pack, which can be set to either a 12.5mph 1kW child mode or 28mph 4kW adult mode. For the more adventurous sorts, the Baby II will feature an optional ‘Speed Key’, just like mom and dad’s Chiron. This will unleash the full 10kWs on offer and remove the speed limiter too. It is also equipped with a limited-slip differential and even regenerative braking.

“When a company with such a colourful and proud history as Bugatti turns 110, you can allow yourself to look into the rear view mirror a little bit more than you usually would. Thus, it is only fitting for our anniversary year to revive the Bugatti Baby”, explained Stephan Winkelmann, president of Bugatti. “The Bugatti Baby II has grown up to be more of a teenager now, and I must say I’m very excited to see it drive around on the Bugatti premises in Molsheim.”

Available in three specifications starting with a standard composite body, the Vitesse trim adds a carbon fiber shell and speed key while the Pur Sang trim offers a hand-crafted aluminum body along with the go-faster speed key. Painted in traditional French Racing Blue as standard and with the solid silver Bugatti ‘Macaron’ badge displayed on the nose of each car, there are plenty of interior and exterior choices to choose from.

Prices start at €30,000 ($33,000) for the standard car, but with all having already been accounted for your best bet will be to wait for used examples to appear at auctions where they are likely to be going for a whole lot more.

Images courtesy of Bugatti

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