Market Finds: French Market Finds From Across Europe

French Market Finds From Across Europe

By Petrolicious Productions
December 10, 2014

Classic French cars have a unique flavor, the kind that compels you to dress up to drive them. It even feels good to say names like Bugatti, Peugot, Renault, and Citroen. To Americans, they look like they were designed for Brigitte Bardot types with a few special racecars for the Alain Prost contingent. Classic French cars aren’t for everyone but for those looking for a different automotive experience we present five for sale now across Europe.

The car: 1967 Citroen DS 21

Price: €34,500

Location: Dusseldorf, Germany

Seller’s Info: Click here

The DS 21 was poetically designed by an Italian sculptor and French aeronautical engineer. In addition to the design, the advanced mechanicals make this classic a significant piece of history. The DS 21 even won multiple rally events. This DS has just over 100,000 kilometers and was completely restored in 2003.

The car: 1968 Renault Caravelle

Price: €16,500

Location: Kalletal, Germany

Seller’s Info: Click here

The Caravelle departs from the typical lightweight roadster category with a rear-mounted small-displacement engine paired to a three speed. This Renault is described as in very good condition and has only 64,000 kilometers on the clock.

The car: 1967 Citroen 2CV

Price: €5,300

Location: Burgos, Spain

Seller’s Info: Click here

Undiscovered by North American hipsters (for now), the 2CV is to France what the Beetle is to Germany; a truly basic peoples’ car. The 2CV spanned forty years of production, powered by an air-cooled engine with output increasing over the years from nine to 29 hp. 2CVs are plentiful and can be maintained with minimal wrenching skills. This Citroen is listed as 99% original.

The car: 1933 Bugatti 35 Pur Sang

Price: €240,000

Location: Avignon, France

Seller’s Info: Click here

Before selling status symbols, limited editions, and absurdly fast cars, Bugatti hand built one of the most winning racecars known as the 35. At its zenith, the 35 averaged fourteen race wins per week globally. You would likely have the only 35 at your local car gathering. This Bugatti is available in the country of its birth. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them, rather it’s a Pur Sang replica, but it is built using the same methods employed by Bugatti eighty years ago and costs a fraction of what an authentic 35 would cost.

The car: 1973 Citroen DS 213 Cabriolet

Price: €69,950

Location: Waldsee, Germany

Seller’s Info: Click here

The exquisite Citroen DS 23 Cabriolet epitomizes classic French design. They should be tastefully driven through the Alps while listening to Edith Piaf. The Cabriolet wouldn’t look out of place parked between a Daytona and Espada in Monoco. This DS was restored in 2013 and finished in palladium silver with a brown leather interior.

If you know of a great, stylish car for sale and would like us to feature it, please let us know!

Petrolicious makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information contained in the car’s original listing, nor will it be held responsible for any errors in said information. If you’re interested in any of these cars, do your homework and research extensively before you buy.

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9 years ago

Two of my favorite cars among the five. If the 1973 DS 21 got restored (new build) by Dirk Sassen (here is his web site, for all who are interested in Citroen DS: ) and Duesseldorf might be an indication for that, then someone might get himself a very good DS.
My other favorite is the 1973 Citroen DS Cabriolet. For that price it can’t be the original, build by Chapron but that does not matter, it’s a beautiful car nonetheless and originals go for well over 100k Euros. As far as I know Chapron build around 1400 to 1500 convertibles, about 1400 for Citroen and maybe 150 of his own. BTW: Dirk Sassen does these kind of conversion as well on special order.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
9 years ago

That DS Decapotable is not the real thing either, it’s a conversion from a saloon. You could more than double the Bugatti and DS asking prices for the real thing!

9 years ago
Reply to  Paul Thompson

I was about to question the price accordingly, seemed ghastly cheap! That explains it…

Matthew Lange
9 years ago

My French is not fantastic, but I think the Type 35 is a replica made by Pur Sang in Argentina. They are supposed to be pretty much identical to the real thing though and rather less money! I believe Jay Leno has one

Yoav Gilad
Yoav Gilad
9 years ago
Reply to  Matthew Lange

Hey Matthew, you are correct! Thanks for spotting this, we’ve made the appropriate editorial changes… Thanks!

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