News: From 2022, Cadillac Will Give Its Cars Proper Names Again

From 2022, Cadillac Will Give Its Cars Proper Names Again

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December 14, 2019

European cars have long been associated with alphanumeric designations: the 2002, the 320i, the 450SL, the P1800; we’ve come to expect and ‘love’ that.

But American cars? Think of Mustang, Thunderbird, Corvette and Javelin; all legendary names, and this is how the world has been, and should be. Something that, thankfully, the president of Cadillac understands.

Putting the world back on its proper axis, Steve Carlisle confirmed recently that the storied General Motors brand would be returning to proper names for its cars, starting in 2022. No longer will we have the CT6 or XT5; perhaps we’ll have a return of the Eldorado, Coupe de Ville or Fleetwood? Most likely there will be some new names in the mix, as the brand will want to distance itself from the terrible cars it produced in the 1980s and ‘90s (cough, Cimarron, cough). No doubt the Escalade name will continue on, as the all-new 2021 version of the giant SUV has been recently revealed.

The nomenclature announcement was buried under confirmation from the same interview that Cadillac will be moving towards full electrification of its cars by 2030.

*Images courtesy of General Motors

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Name won’t matter if the cars are electric.