News: From Russia Comes This Carbon Fiber Electric Mustang with 840HP

From Russia Comes This Carbon Fiber Electric Mustang with 840HP

By News Desk
December 12, 2018

A first generation all-electric Ford Mustang? Hmmm. From Russia? Curious. With 840hp and 700lb ft of torque? Ah, now we’re talking! We all know that classic EV conversions are a thing, and now that even Jaguar and Aston Martin are in on it you’re going to be seeing more and more of them. This is the latest, the R67 from Russian start-up Aviar Motors. At the moment it’s just a concept, based around an aluminum chassis and a carbonfibre body in the style of the classic ’67 Fastback. No original Mustangs will be harmed during the making of these EVs.

So with all that power, and a lightweight structure, you’ll be thinking two things: one, it’s going to be fast. Two, it’s going to be a handful! Fast things first, Aviar reckon 0-62mph in 2.2 seconds, 45-66mph in 1.2 seconds, and a top speed limited to 155mph in deference to 50-year-old aerodynamics. There will, however, be a front splitter, an active spoiler that activates above 75mph and a rear diffuser, along with adaptive air suspension that lowers at speed and electronic stability and traction control. Good move. And to further tame the electric beast, there’s a motor on each axle, allowing four-wheel-drive. So at least it has a slim chance of traction.

All this would be of little use if the range was minuscule, but Aviar say that the 100kW-hour lithium-ion battery pack will allow 315 miles on a full charge. It’s going to have all the luxuries too, including dual-zone climate control, heated seats, six airbags, keyless entry, panoramic sunroof, 20in alloys, back-up camera and touchscreen controls. There’s also mention of ‘automatic pilot’ though maybe that’s taking things too far. Aviar are also promising an external sound system belting out Shelby GT500 tunes. It’s very early days and there’s no clue to the price yet but we’ll keep you informed.

Images courtesy of Aviar Motors

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4 years ago

Elsewhere I’ve read that the car is based on the Tesla Model S…

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
4 years ago

I do like the concept and a great getaway car for Boris and Natasha! Get moose, kill squirrel!

Hardley.T.Whipsnade III
Hardley.T.Whipsnade III
4 years ago

Vastly overstated Russian 850 horsepower and a 315 mile range on a 100kw Li battery back ?

Yeah right . On what planet ? Planet Putin ? Sorry folks but that defies all the laws of physics not to mention the well known limitations of Li .

And then there’s the greatly exaggerated unsubstantiated performance claims

Shame on you Petrolicious for falling for propaganda like this .