Featured: GALLERY: A Unique Retrospective Look At The Cars Of Villa d'Este

GALLERY: A Unique Retrospective Look At The Cars Of Villa d’Este

By Alex Sobran
August 17, 2017

Photography by Petra Sagnak

Pebble Beach being only a stone’s throw away requires some readjusting; rarely is so much attention and money aimed at cars, and the crowds and their big hats and fancy pants can be just as entertaining at times as the mind-boggling metal they envelop. It’s no stretch of truth to claim there’s no other place and time further separated from our normal automotive reality than the Pebble Beach lawn on a certain Sunday in August, but that is at least equally true for Villa d’Este.

So before the imminent wave of photos from Monterey start pouring in, let’s take a retrospective look at the year’s other over the top display of elegance-as oxymoronic as that may be, when you put this many preeminent cars together with this much density, and on the manicured edge of Lake Como to boot, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the sight regardless of the amount of grace or poise embodied in each car.

You’ve seen that already though, and while the entry list hasn’t somehow retroactively added or removed anything, the pre-concours parking garage that houses most of the next days’ stars is too surreal to miss. The cold stone walls and dim noir aura of the place gives the same cars a new setting in almost perfect contrast to the vibrancy of the official show. Down here it’s almost sepulchral, and the cars in their tightly packed hibernation have none of the usual admirers grouped around, their absence adding to the sense of discovery and gravitas in this chamber.

I’m not sure how much grief this one-night-only storage space gives the collective insurance companies, but I bet it still isn’t comparable to the anxiety of parallel parking against a stone wall  in between two concorso competitors in something that isn’t even driven most of the year.

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Eba Normaalne
Eba Normaalne

Oh my, what is that car on picture30?

B Bop
B Bop

The car in question is an Osca MT 4. Scroll video to 4 minutes in for a closer look.

Eba Normaalne
Eba Normaalne

Many thanks to you.
Must collect money now..

Robert Forrest
Robert Forrest

I consider myself a fairly knowledgeable enthusiast. Although I enjoy seeing all the photos you bring us I think it would help not only us old farts but the new potential younger enthusiasts to identify the make/model on the bottom lefthand corner of each photo along with your identification. Beautiful photos, yes, but it would help quite a bit to know what I am looking at – that is how we learn.

Tim Verheij
Tim Verheij

Agreed with you. Love the photo’s though.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger

The same happens at multiple locations during the Colorado Grand where to be honest some of the best viewing can take place .. from seeing the cars beyond the crowd to watching first hand the maintenance and repair needed to pull off such an event .

So kudos to you Alex for exposing the deep dark utterly fascinating underbelly of the Villa d’Este