Featured: GALLERY: A Visit To Pfaffenhausen Has To Include RUF

GALLERY: A Visit To Pfaffenhausen Has To Include RUF

By Petrolicious Productions
July 6, 2017

There are a lot of places to see in Germany; a whole bunch of impressive and intimidating gothic castles, the Rhine, the remnants of the Wall in Berlin, Berlin, the list continues. Like a lot of countries in Europe, the history is deep and the markers of that history are often quite impressive. The architecture spans centuries, the museums rival any in the world, and the landscape goes from field to mountain range, but if you’re into cars you may want to skip all of that and head to a former gas station in a small town that’s about eight square miles in size. There isn’t a lot in Pfaffenhousen, a tiny municipality a few hours outside of Munich in Bavarian Germany, but if you’re a fan of European sports cars it’s a place you should know as the home of RUF.

Occupying the same ground since its humble start in the late-’30s, the RUF operation under the direction of Alois Ruf, Jr. turned from a modest local repair and refueling shop into a globally-known purveyor of truly ultimate Porsches. Of course, you’ll know that the Porsches that leave RUF are not exactly Porsches anymore unless they’ve just done a restoration job on one. RUF is its own bona fide manufacturer though, and the creations only begin with Porsche shapes and layouts, which are then injected with a special blend of aesthetic and mechanical overhauls that truly transform what once was a Porsche, into what is now a RUF.

We’ve talked about the infamous CTR Yellowbird already, have touched on the all-new carbon fiber CTR monster as well, and you can find our interview with Alois Ruf, Jr. here, so for this visit to Pfaffenhousen, just enjoy the P-car porn that inhabits the headquarters on any given day!

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Vincent Chiaro
Vincent Chiaro
6 years ago

Although Singer is doing something different, I wouldn’t hesitate to use RUF and Singer in the same sentence.

6 years ago

Alois Ruf … THE PorscheMeister ! Able to out Porsche Porsche in a single bound .

But hey … you missed out on the ultimate gems in Ruf’s personal collection . His POLO engined 912 and his take on a POLO engined 356 Outlaw … both of which engineering and performance wise out do anything this side of the Atlantic ( no slur upon Emory & Co intended .. but the fact is the facts )


Ted Gushue
6 years ago
Reply to  GuitarSlinger

Not true – I actually rode in the Polo 356, should be coming up soon in a separate story 🙂

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